PDP is like a mansion while other parties are boy’s quarters – Alao-Akala

Alao_Akala_oyoChief Adebayo Alao-Akala, a former Governor of Oyo State, has said that any gang-up against the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) would fail. The ex-governor said this reaction to speculations that he would decamp from the Peoples Democratic Party to the newly formed All Progressives Congress (APC).

Apart from dismissing rumours of his deflection, Akala expressed his determination to remain in the PDP in spite of the challenges, saying that the APC is made up of “strange bedfellows”.

His words: “I can never leave PDP. I am in PDP and I will be in PDP. I heard that some people were speculating that I am going to another party. How can I leave a big mansion and go to boys’ quarters? Any other party in Nigeria is a boy’s quarters.” He said the PDP as a political party remains a big party with diverse interests, adding that the “gang-up” against the PDP by opposition parties in the ongoing coalition would hit the rocks.

“Because the party is big, some people are even ganging up to fight it and with that too, they cannot get it right because they are not birds of a feather. Circumstances brought them together yet they will still fight… If those of us who have common interests are fighting, why won’t those who do not have a common interest fight? So, let us see what will come out of that. They are ganging up because they know that we are Iroko.”


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