PDP Is The Messi Of Nigerian Politics – Tukur To Opposition Parties

OppositionOn Wednesday, the battle for the soul of Nigeria intensified when a coalition of four opposition political parties in Abuja, announced the name of their new party, All Progressive Congress. The parties that merged to form the APC are the Action Congress of Nigeria, All Nigeria Peoples Party, All Progressive Grand Alliance and Congress for Progressive Change.

Reacting to the unveiling of the new name, the National Chairman of the PDP, Dr. Bamanga Tukur, said that his party was not losing sleep over the development as the merger of the opposition did not pose any threat to the PDP.

Tukur, in what seemed like a boast of the strength and spread of the PDP said there was no polling unit in the country where his party was not represented, submitting that the “weak political parties” were coming together because they realised that individually, they did not have the strength to go into war with the PDP.

He described the ruling party as the Messi of Nigerian politics.


Messi, an Argentine striker with Barcelona of Spain,  is the current holder of the Ballon d’Or title and is reputed to be a master of the game.

Tukur said, “It does not mean that we want to be a party without opposition, in fact opposition is a charge to action.

“People tend to believe that when they see people coming together they will do well. If they have the strength why do they come together?

“If you go for a contest you have the striker, you know Lionel Messi? PDP is Messi in that contest. They (opposition) are not a threat at all; it is better, it will inspire the PDP to action. In that contest (merger) tell them Chairman said PDP is the Messi.”


  1. Insecurity and corruption define the PDP. Yes ! Would Tukur tell us What defines Barcelona with special attention to Messi ? I want to believe that Tukur’s mouth is roomy enough to house his wagging tongue .

  2. Did I hear Tukuur say that PDP is the MESS of Nigeria? If so then he is right. If not then it is all childish talk. I wonder if at his age Tukur has not heard of the adage,”divided we fall united we stand”? Not to worry let’s see what will become of PDP in 2015. ANIHILATION


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