Photo: Cossy Orjiakor Wants A Dose Of Don Jazzy

If a celeb in Nigeria deserves the topmost position for CONTROVERSIAL, Cossy should be the first choice. She has outrightly turned herself into an internet toy and the funny thing is that she doesn’t care. See her tweets below



  1. Wat does it profit a man 2 gain d whole world nd lose d enternity. D sea gave up dia dead, nd d dead nd hell gave up d dead which wia in it. Nd evry 1 wia judge acording 2 dia work. Nd dead nd hell wia cast in2 a lake of fire, dis is d 2nd dead. Repent 4 kingdom is real, nd hell is real.

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  4. Well its nobodys business.but reduce ur act pls,for ur own good.I knw its not easy but try hard to stop.we don’t hate you but I pray that oneday u will change for good.pls our body is the temple of GOD so we need to keep it holy ok.

  5. It seems this Cossy don’t know what she is doing,It’s u dat said u want Mikel Obi & at d same time u want Don jazzy to sleep with u.What sort of a lady are u?U better think about ur future & move closer to GOD so that HE can guide u to d right path.