Photo News: Patience Jonathan’s Rented Crowd Rain Insults On Soyinka Over N4bn Mission House

renteA crowd of ‘Nigerian Women’ believed to be hired by sympathizers of Nigeria’s first lady and minister of the FCT Senator Bala Muhmammed, Thursday morning marched on the streets of Abuja for a “staged demonstration” in support of the minister’s plan to build the African First Ladies Peace Mission house at a whopping N4 billion.

The hired crowd made up of women, youths and physically challenged drawn from Hardressers and Barbers Association of Nigeria, National Council for women societies, were all carrying placards supposedly written for them bearing invectives on the person of Professor Wole Soyinka.

Some of the placards read: “Educated illiterate”, “Soyinka: Grammar King without sense”, “Abuja has come to stay “, “FCT Minister With Human Face”, “Bala Supports The Disabled”, “FCT Is Working.”

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  1. the problem with these people is that poverty has not allow them to think.what is the usefulness of this building they want to build to the citizenry?the money earmarked for this stupid project can be used for human and infrastuctural developments such as provision of jobs for the unemployed,granting loans to establish small scale bussinesses,construction of roads,etc .if those idle hands are given #500,000 each as loans to establish business,i believe they can never answer such calls by clueless vissionless,wasteful bala and dame