Photos: Journalist Exposes Her Privates While Interviewing Prime Minister On TV


An X-rated TV prank has left the prime minister of Serbia feeling a little overexposed after he was flashed by a glamorous presenter during an interview.

The country’s Socialist party leader Ivica Dačić was midway through a discussion about Balkan politics when the young woman, wearing a particularly short mini dress, uncrossed her legs to reveal she wasn’t wearing any underwear. The YouTube video, a clear copy of the famous scene starring Sharon Stone in the 1992 film Basic Instinct, has already had more than 1.2million hits.

The stunt was a clear attempt to recreate the famous scene starring Sharon Stone in the 1991 film Basic Instinct The stunt was a set up by a candid camera show called Nemoguca Misija – which translates as ‘Mission Impossible’. It begins with producers discussing the best way to embarrass Mr Dačić before he arrives for the interview. As he walks into the building, the presenter is seen removing her underwear, off camera in another room.

In scenes that are about as far away as you can get from the sort of political debate Jeremy Paxman delivers on Newsnight, the shocked politician stumbles over his words while having a quick look.

She greets the Prime Minister with kisses on each cheek before sitting down opposite with her legs crossed. After asking Mr Dačić some political questions, the presenter appears to be listening intently before casually uncrossing her legs. Fortunately the camera covers her modesty with a ‘censored’ sign, but the look of shock on the Prime Minister’s face shows he has clearly noticed the wardrobe indiscretion. He stumbles across his words but appears to keep his cool remarkably well.