Photos: The History Of Blackberry!

A short history of the BlackBerry Given how common smart phones are now these days it is shocking just how recently theywere introduced. The first BlackBerry smart phone was developed in 2003 although the company did produce other devices before that.In a remarkably short time they have managed to completely change the way that people communicate.

There has also been a huge increase in the number of features that a smartphone can offer. The first BlackBerry appeared on the market way back in 1999 although that one was nothing at all like the current models.

The original was a two way pager, pagers of course are almost never used anymore which is a pretty good demonstration of just how fast the technology has come. When it first came out a two way pager was a pretty novel product sincemost of them up until then had only allowed forone way communication.

The original BlackBerry had a keypad that allowed the person who was receiving the page to respond to the sender. In 2003 BlackBerry introduced the first of what we would think of as being the modern smart phone. This was a device that not only functioned as a telephone but also allowed for the sending and receiving of email and text messages as well as web browsing.

One of the main focuses of the early BlackBerry’s was to allow for mobile email. It was clear that this was a technology that was necessary since email had become so popular. Clearly people who were on the go needed a way to access their email without having to find a computer. The early BlackBerry had a monochrome screen but all of the ones that have come out since then have had color screens.

One of the other features that appeared on the first models which has been retained over the yearsis the QWERTY keyboard. This is a necessity if people are going to use their BlackBerry to send email or text messages. There have been a couple of models that don’t retain the QWERTY keyboard but the vast majority of them do as customers have made it clear that they prefer it this way.

Since the introduction of the BlackBerry a lot of competitors have appeared on the market and this has really hurt sales since they are now competing with some of the biggest companiesin the telecommunications industry. This competition combined with improving technology has resulted in a huge increase in the number of functions that you will find on your BlackBerry.

The current models are not only a communication device but also a personal digital assistant and a multimedia player. In addition a number of apps have been developed by other parties that add even more features to the phone. The result is a device that is capable of an amazing number of things.