Polio Workers Killing: NBC Withdraws Wazobia FM’s Broadcast License

wazobia_fmFollowing the murder of about 9 female health workers by unknown gunmen in Kano state on Friday 8th February 2013, the Nigeria Broadcast Commission, yesterday, withdrew the station’s broadcast license.

The withdrawal of the license means that no fewer than 16 Journalists may have lost their job – the affected staff includes 9 presenters and 6 newsroom staff.

The station ran into troubled waters when it aired a controversial programme “Sanda Girma” which authorities claimed incited violence against the polio workers.

Presenter of the programme, Yakubu Musa, was reported to have said that immunization against polio was anti-Islam and part of a Western conspiracy to cause infertility.

The death of the health workers led to the arrest of two Wazobia FM journalists including the presenter and a news room staff, Malam Mubaraq, who were arraigned for their alleged role in the saga.


  1. ƒσя crying out sake. Hw can α̲̅ radio station air such program against Polio vaccination? Α̲̅ station that supposed T̅o enlighten the public better on the issue. Just wondered if some of this people working in sensitive areas are in deed educated nd enlightened.