President Goodluck Jonathan Spent $1million Of Aid Money On Beyonce And Jay Z?


Kim Kardashian arrives Lagos Nigeria for Darey's LLAM concert
Kim Kardashian arrives Lagos Nigeria for Darey’s LLAM concert

Kim Kardashian’s visit to Nigeria might have just opened a can of worms that won’t be gotten rid of anytime soon, a situation which may decide the political future of Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan.

Kim Kardashian was in Nigeria recently supposedly to co-host Darey’s show ‘Love Like A Movie’, but her Cameo appearance made some inquisitive Nigerians ask questions on how much the US reality TV star was paid for her 45 minute appearance at the show-for a co-host, she spoke on stage for only about 45 seconds. Rumours followed her departure about how much her fee could have been, and what seemed like the closest to the truth, or the truth was that Kim Kardashian was paid $500,000.

For a country where a larger percentage lives below the poverty line, the fee was too outrageous. The good thing about it was it brought to light a document indicating that a million dollars of Bayelsa State’s poverty alleviation fund was spent by then Governor Goodluck Jonathan on bringing American entertainers Beyonce and Jay Z to Nigeria in 2006. The document was uncovered by New York-based Nigerian news outfit, Sahara Reporters.

Beyonce & Jay Z in Nigeria
Beyonce & Jay Z in Nigeria

In a letter stamped and signed by Bayelsa officials, N150 million (approximately a million dollars in 2006) was released from the state’s poverty alleviation fund for the first ThisDay Music Festival in Lagos. The report was published by Sahara Reporters on February 20, 2013. Read story here. Three days later, Nigeria’s dirty linen had been washed in public, as UK’s Daily Mail published the same report quoting Sahara Reporters on February 23, 2013 with the headline, “Nigerian president ‘spent $1million of aid money meant for poverty-stricken country on star-studded festival featuring Beyoncé and Jay-Z’” Read Daily Mail’s report here.

The last time I checked, Daily Mail had 213 comments on the article, comments that could make you feel shameful as a Nigerian.

“And this is why I NEVER give to Third World charities, or vote for mainstream parties,” Algernon Wheatear from Up North, United Kingdom wrote.

MailiaMiddx wrote, “Shame on him for wasting aid money in this way and shame on them for accepting such a large fee to perform in a poverty stricken country.”

The rest is there for you to read if you care.

What this means for Nigeria, our government, or our future; your guess is as good/bad as mine.

See the document uncovered by Sahara Reporters below.





  1. It is now that u people remembered it.Well if it is my brother Ojukwu he will say good morning because u people woke up soo early to say it.Since 2006 it happened why wasn’t it reaveled till today.Should I asked is it because he is planning to run for second term in the office.Shame to u guys,ur plans will fail.You guys should look for something better to talk.

  2. Sometimes, i wonder what u stand to benefit from trying to pull down someone rather than u trying to get up or should i say rise from your slumber. U never brought this to public notice when it happened, now u are bringing it. What do u stand to gain? You know, i have never seen u publish a thing that speaks good of Goodluck Jonathan, all u do is things like this. When are we or when will u ever encourage Goodluck Jonathan in the areas he is strong and help him build on his weakness or bear his weakness? U should change your orientation.

  3. I luv my HERO_mr.jonathan,i believe wat he can do nd wat he cannot do,its just dat northern force is about 75:25 to d eastern government…my president carry Go,its just a news because past{2006} is past nd lets focust d 2morow

  4. I don’t know when all this corrupt leaders in Nigeria will be flush out compare to Ghana. The masses are suffering someone called himself the president dashing out money to those that are rich and not an indigene of this state. Ooooo lord send all this people on errand that they will never come back

  5. I guess u need to point tins out but dnt b sentimental pls. Help gudluck build nt kill his effort now.we all knw he has his weakness but dnt u tink bokoharam contributed 90percent to his downfall wa o,how we dey work.

  6. well whatever d case may be ,we are all human and we hav our short coming , i don’t believe it ! Even if it is true i believe it happened for a purpose ‘, i urge good spirited Nigerian to disregard that and fuge ahead…. He needs our prayers…..

  7. The bible says that “wicked men and impostors will advance from bad to worse”. 2Tim 3:13. I don’t think Nigerian leaders are exempted. All I know is to get a job that will put food on my table and provide my necessities. I don’t want to know what Nigeria is heading into.

  8. No matter what scandal u can bring about Jonathan now that can stop his second term agenga. u firt of all defeat PDP before u can defeat him. i think Nigerians should look up to APC for a better change. PDP is taking us nowhere.

  9. Ibukun,said it all allow God to be the judge,yes!GEJ wronged in 2006 while he was still d governor,y dnt we cleanse ourselves of our faults b4 pointing accusing fingers on someone else,for all I know,you have never published any good tin abt d president,if u hv any personal issue with him go solve it and stop crucifying him here,or are u trying to tell us that’s u’re an anti corruption agent then wat abt other political leaders,everyone knws no one dares talk thrash abt Obj nd his like,those r the areas u shld start from.My question is,Why the hell blankety-blank r u telling us this now?what point do actually want to drive home?Thnx 4 d info jst dat u sound more of a destructive critics

  10. Y s it nt been published out since den ,senless pple ,blackmailing him or not ,d hell of a damn shit gud luck is probably a badluck 2 himself,nd 2 d whole country ,god damn d hell outa him at 2015 ,dis nt democracy bt a CRAZY DEMO.