Question The Source Of Your Members’ Wealth – Oritsejafor Urges Pastor In A New Fight Against Corruption

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor
Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

With many Nigerians of the belief that the church is failing in her responsibility to check excesses and condemn corruption by every means possible, the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, at its 12th biennial conference on Friday in the Akwa Ibom State capital, Uyo, resolved to tackle corruption in the nation through deliberate isolation of corrupt members.

The outgoing National President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, charged Pentecostal ministers to scrutinise the source of their members’ wealth, as he spoke at the grand finale of the 12th biennial conference of the Fellowship.

“We must be ready to give an account for ourselves and therefore we will no longer tolerate criminals in the Church of God. Men of God, you must be ready to question the source of members’ wealth,” Oritsejafor said.

He expressed disgust on the level of corruption in the country, saying it was totally disheartening when he read the report of a man who stole about N23 billion Police Pension Fund saying ‘he only stole N23 billion.’

Oritsejafor spoke about Daniel in the Holy Bible, who refused to defile himself with the king’s delicacies. He therefore charged doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians and all professionals to carry their mandate without any form of compromise, as he argued that “there is nothing on the king’s table that is worth your God-given mandate.”

“We must be ready to declare that we will not compromise our salvation or the mandate God had given to us.”
Oritsejafor said the emergence of Boko Haram didn’t start the persecution of the Church in Northern Nigeria. He stated that the Church had always been persecuted even before Boko Haram, in a deliberate and obvious act.

According to him, it is common knowledge that despite the pretence to one brotherhood in the country, no church in that region has been given a certificate of occupancy in the last 30 years.

“I stand to be corrected, there is no university campus in the North where Christian students are allowed to worship their God without harassment,” he stated, calling on all delegates from that part of the country not to run away.

“They are doing everything to squeeze you out of your God-given land in the North, but I urge you to stay. Don’t run away, the Church in the South will stand by you. Don’t compromise because of persecution. God will stand by you,” he said, adding that as God rose on behalf of Daniel, Joseph and many others in the Bible, so God will stand by the Christians in the North.

“No gates of Hell, neither conspiracy from the pit of hell can stop the Church in this country. If they cannot stop the Church, they cannot stop you.”
Speaking earlier, the new PFN president, Rev. Felix Omobude described Oritsejafor as the voice of the Lord in this hour. He charged Christians not to be weary of current happenings in the country, saying that God will fight for His people.


  1. I’m surprise Oritsejafor is saying all these only when he’s leaving the mantle of power. How many time time had he ever told all the politicians especially the president the bitter truth of the suffering of the populace? Why did he collect the jet bought for him by Mr President knowing full well that his hands are smeared with corruption? If he claims to have bought the jet himself, let him detail us on the source of his stupendous wealth…..

  2. Oh my God, see who is talking. Oritsejafor should know that he has failed in his duty and responsibility.
    Let him quietly leave that post and go and seek repentance from God.

  3. Pastor, it is too late for you to start that fight. You have already chosen the pride of life, the lust of the eyes and the lust of flesh. Look for another theme to preach on.

  4. See kettle calling Pot black.LOL.See Armed Robber calling Militant a criminal.Some Nija leaders have no conscience and Orise is one of them.HELL waits for them.

  5. Oritsejiafor should not lie to the ppl. Christians do worship in northern universities without molestation, sometimes ppl speak as ifT hey live in a pit not knowing what the world outside the pit is up to. Do you know that in some cities in the north we have more churches than mosque? How many mosque do you have up there? Pls let nonsense be uttered by the. Stupids unless if oritsejiafor is one.

  6. This sermon cannt be from U (Papa Ayo) you are the head of Political Pastors (U know what Politics I n. Naija entails eg ….) Kindly withdrew the above message. We can deceive men not GOD.


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