[Relationships] – Mending The Broken Heart!

In our day to day interaction with our environment and by the accident of the social human beings whom we are, it is only natural that we will at certain points be bounded to one relationship or the other be it the familial, the casual which in many cases are found in schools as school children, in the neighborhood as little children growing up, in the offices as employers and employees and so it goes ad infinitum. As we advance the stages of puberty and graduate into adulthood, we become victims of more intimate relationship as we become aware of our biological gadgets by way of having knowledge of our sexual organs and becoming attracted to the opposite sex and in the process fall in love, and experiment relationship.

Now, it is only human for people to walk in and walk out of relationships thus the word ‘heart break’ has become something close to a mantra among young adolescents, teenagers, youths and adults. It has become very difficult for people to differentiate or find the gulf between the words: infatuation, lust and love and most often than not, mix the whole thing up and in no time find themselves crashing to the ground, suffer psychological trauma and in extreme cases, attempting suicide.
Not even the greatest of sociologists like Sigmund Freud, August Comte (e.t.c) were able to come up with a generally accepted reason why relationships build in no time and all crash in many occasions. Had they lived more years on earth, they might have caught up some luck but since they found none before their deaths, we are forced to meddle with the inevitable consequences of many relationships today- yes you are right, HEART BREAKS. Haven struggled to establish this fact, how then do we treat this social menace when we fall victims?

Falling out of a love affair can be so traumatizing no doubt. That knowledge of you not having to see him or her again, that knowledge of not having the shoulder to cry on, or the arms to cuddle you in the thick cold night as it used to be during those rosy days, that knowledge of you walking on the street and going for shopping alone, spending your entire day without him or her calling to tell you how you are appreciated or mean a lot to their lives can be psychologically crushing, one that may leave you eating yourself up, blaming and cursing the day the you ever met him or her. But be that as it may, every heart, broken emotionally can always be mended and will fall in love again if not today, sometime soon.
Loosing him or her may have cost you more than enough that you can imagine but it is taking the bold step to know that you can still exist and live happily again without your partner is what defines you irrespective of how much love you have for them. My relationship life is not one story, you want to hear about. I mean filled with many heart wrecking stories but despite all odds I have not been denied the joy that comes from true relationship. Being a Libra as a result of the coincidence of my Zodiac sign meant that I cried in many instances as a result of my/our emotional nature but at the end of the day, I ensured that I didn’t trade my happiness for anybody’s inability to know me some more.

So whatever it is that you may be going through in your relationship life, you haven’t seen worse. Every broken hearts will definitely smile again someday. The window period out of a true love affair is not always interesting but do all you can to steal the many lessons it comes with. Lay your hands on as many literary books as possible as you can, watch lots of movies, have fun even though it seems almost impossible in many cases, visit your close friends and most importantly talk to your God and to your conscience to find those wrongs you couldn’t right before this ‘ship’ came crashing. Keep your head up and stay cool for this broken heart will be mended again and your next hubby may be what you have always waited for.
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