Reverend King Loses Case at Appeal Court, to Die by Hanging

kingA Court of Appeal sitting in Lagos, has affirmed the judgement of a Lagos High Court delivered on 11 January, 2007 that the General Overseer of Christian Praying Assembly, Chukwuemeka Ezeugo (alias Rev. King) should die by hanging for the murder of Ann Uzoh, one his church members.

The judgement, read by Justice Fatima Akinbami, and supported by two other judges, Ibrahim Salauwa and Amina Augie, resolved all the grounds of the appeal against Rev. King. In the grounds of the appeal filed by the appellant, his counsel, Olalekan Ojo, contended that the deceased, before her death, said Rev King had nothing to do with her death.

Ojo, in his evaluation of evidence, argued that there were contradictions in the evidences given by the witnesses. Moreso, the appellant, through the case, proved the alibi that he was not at the scene of the incident.

However, all the grounds of the appeal were resolved against Rev. King because the judge said the witnesses gave evidences of how the victim was killed, especially the evidences from the 10 prosecution witnesses. In her conclusion, Justice Akinbanmi said: “the evidences against the appellant were overwhelming and damaging. Therefore, all the grounds of appeal were resolved against the appellant. The judgement of the Lagos High Court delivered on 11 January, 2007 is upheld and affirmed.”


  1. Muslims shud take note: d so-called rev king was sentenced to death by muslim judges, Christians didnt complain bcos we dont suport evil. D next evil person to b sentence to death is el-mustapha, let no muslim complain ooooooo.

  2. Mr truth, this is not about religion @least the case wasn’t judge according to muslim law or is it a crime for judges to be muslims, why should you just have hatred for muslims I believe u shouldn’t regard yourself as mr truth it should be the other way round. OLODO

  3. For what you plan will still come back to you,the bible said that shall not judge so that you may not be judge,those judge that plan the evil and sentence the man of God rev. King To death remember you are in the anger of God and also remember that no one own his life you don’t know whether your death will be worser than his, bear it in mind that you are in trouble with God.

  4. D man rev king, is reaping wat e sold nd its bcos God cnt cm down 2 Judge our veri own case 4 us here in dis world dats y we hv lawyers nd judges even local 1c in our villages.hypnotizin pple is even a sin b4 God nd man nt 2 tlk abt d oda fuck e did dat we don’t kw of,let him roast in hell.

  5. Any group that relishes in killing people indiscriminately including unborn children in their mother’s wombs, mass murders of school children, mass murders of men and women in their homes, and sacred places like houses of worship, is not a religion but a CULT of DEATH.

  6. The Truth remains that the judges are wrong against this case of Rev.King, We had witness the Case of Pension Fraud, N151 billion pension scam rocks civil service, police force how did the case ends, if someone in Nigeria can eat over 100 billion, which many people has lost their lives because they denied their pensions money, yet the man in question is not sentence to death, Nigeria should repent and face truth of God. The Ogboni confraternity that claims they rules Nigeria should know that we know what they know, even more than they think they know.

  7. Sum pple is already mad. Hw can sumbdy support dis evil man call’d Rev. King. Wel thank u Nigeria Judciary 4 making Rev. King 2 drink 4rm his own cup


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