Shocker: Man Hides $15,000 In The Oven, Wife Bakes It By Accident


An oven is not a place to hide your cash. A man has probably learned a costly lesson where he hides his cash.

The unidentified father of Sydney, Australia, sold his car last week. The $15,000 in revenue was supposed to be spent on his mortgage paymentand other expenses, according to the Australian news media.

Opting not to squirrel away with the loot in a mattress or bury it in his backyard, he decided to hide the cash in his oven, which is rarely used.
It turns out, his wife decided to use the oven that day. She preheated the oven to warm up chicken nuggets for her two children and, yes, she cooked the cash in the process.

“It was everything we had,” he told the news media. “I have nothing in my name. Thatmoney had to go to my mortgage.”
His wife was equally distraught and apparently could not help but mourn to tell her husband after discovering what had happened. The money was baked in a mess of burnt colors.

He approached his lender and the Reserve Bank of Australia for help.

The Reserve Bank advises people to take damaged currency to a bank. According to the Reserve Bank’s policy, “if several pieces of the same ticket is presented, the policy of the Reserve Bank is that each piece to be worth some value in proportion to its size. The value total paid must be the face value of the original ticket. A man has probably learned a costly lesson where he hides his money in cash.