Shocking Photos: Cuban Mother Forces A Tattoo On Her Terrified Three Year Old Son

Shocking video emerged today that shows a mother holding down her screaming toddler while he is apparently given a tattoo.


The woman was caught on camera restraining her young son while the boy, believed to be three-years-old, screams in agony as the needle is stuck into his arm. At one point, she is heard saying “look, look” in Spanish as her child tries desperately to escape her clutches.

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Dance music is heard playing in the background. Footage of the incident, thought to have taken place in Havana, Cuba, was posted online over the weekend.

Viewers reacted with outrage at the clip, with one saying: “What the f*** is wrong with these people!? A b**** like that is not worthy having a kid.” Another said: “I’d love to hold her down and tattoo BAD MOTHER across her forehead and see how the f*** she likes it.” It is not clear from the video what the tattoo was.