Styl Plus Relocates To Lagos

Shiffi and Zeal
Shiffi and Zeal

Word has it that Styl Plus has relocated to Lagos. The group has been based in Abuja for years now as against the conventional residence of artistes in Lagos, the music capital of the country.

Styl Plus has been reduced to two by death and recently, the departure of Tunde who left to pursue a solo career, leaving Shiffi and Zeal as the remaining members of Styl Plus.

After ruling the Nigerian music scene in the past, Styl Plus is full of belief the group can bounce back and take its place in the music industry, the more reason why they think they should move to Lagos.

Sources say they now live on the Island and are already back in the studio making the kind of music that saw them top charts in the past. The sources added that Tunde may not be totally gone from Styl Plus as they believe he may be back with the group soon. Let’s see how that turns out. The most important thing here for now is that Styl Plus’ still got some loyal fans who have been praying for a glorious comeback for the group. We wait to hear them sing again.

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