Super Eagles Coordinator Cites T.B Joshua Factor In Cote d’Ivoire Win

T.B.-Joshua-and-Stephen-Keshi-300x280Prophet T.B. Joshua of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations is known for his many prophecies on almost every aspect of life. Not a few will forget in a hurry his predictions on football  matches involving the Super Eagles as many of such predictions have come to pass. But what most Nigerians might not know is the highly misunderstood Prophet has been a solid pillar behind the national team currently competing at the ongoing African Cup of Nations in South Africa,

A Nigeria Football Federation top brass and Coordinator of the Super Eagles, Emmanuel Attah was full of praise for Prophet T.B. Joshua for what he described as “his wonderful role in the 2-1 defeat of Ivory Coast”.

Information Nigeria learnt that shortly after the encounter, Attah sent out sms to The “Synagogue Man of God” thanking him for standing solidly behind the Eagles in the game against Ivory Coast.

“We’re very appreciateive of him. He was wonderful and we can’t thank him enough,” an excited Attah said.

“T.B. Joshua was fervent in his prayers for the team. We observed all that he asked us to do, starting from a day before the game. This is a special victory for the team and the nation and we cannot thank God enough.”

Attah also expressed the team’s gratitude to Nigerians and assured that with more of such support, the Eagles will continue to work hard in order to make them happy.

Information Nigeria reports that at the end of the match, Super Eagles midfielder, Ogenyi Onazi, screamed the words, “T.B. Joshua, I love you” as he rejoiced facing a camera.



  1. We are sick and tired this,Tb joshua is a man of God not minister of sports,beside,God does not interven when two of his children play football,or smbody trying to tell me that ivory coast does not have a man of God,or that they are sons of lucifer.if he is so powerful,why didn’t he make us win the world cup in south africa,credit should go to the players for playing thier heart out not any man of God

      • Shilex, it persons like u who make T.B. Joshua look like a thin god. Tell him to stop boko haram. Tell him to stop the rut & curruption in the system. When Yar’dua was dying Joshua couldnt save him. What is his business with football. Let him keep his football prayers & opinion to himself. After-all we all do. When the Eagles fail we are told ‘cos Keshi didnt listen to T.B. Joshua’s instructions. Na today Nigeria dey play ball. I beg make we hear better word jooo.

      • Tony, i wont insult u. But note that people claim they are men of god. U & i did not hear from God to confirm these claims. Did u not read Jesus say many will come to him at the end times to say to him Lord, Lord we did miracles & powerful works in your name yet he will tell them to go away they being workers of iniquity. God does not manipulate results of football games. Its eleven vs eleven. The better sides not Joshua’s prayers. Thank u.

  2. For God’s sake, why are some Nigerians making T.B. Joshua a god. The eleven players on the field played their heart out and won 2-1. Joshua had no business in this win. Period. Acts 10:35 says “but in every nation the man that fears him & works righteousness is acceptable to him.” is Joshua implying that God gave victory to the Eagles ‘cos of his prayers? This is the biggest lie of the 21st century. Nobody can mock God & nobody can play God including Joshua. Thanks.

    • Jst as John d Baptist said ‘ xcept d lord givet no 1 receives’, evn men dat fought war’s stil ask 4 God’s help through dia prophets.
 So pls feel free 2 kip wat eva opinion u ve abt TB 2 ursef or beta stil, u walk up 2 him nd say it 2 his face. Mayb jst den u myt b luky nd convince him 2 kip his mouth shot or he shot’s ur big mouth up.

  3. Well there is a miracle in every vision or any word of GOD, because ones your a follower of christ you are also can do the same. No doubt about it, please let stop nagging with prophecy of man of GOD. Every man of GOD is GOD.please TB Joshua your doing it for GOD sake please contune to do it. Remain bless.

  4. Many pple dt are commenting on dis forum ve there HEAD filled wit sand instead of brain, ivorians are too proud, they beleive in strenght, while nigerian kept on praying to, God dt give battle not even to d greatest man but to those who strongly beliv in him. Are u tellin me nigeria did not deserve victory over bokinafaso, or even sambia when they got draw from the two occations, why wil not them thank God, and there spiritual father T.B joshua for his spiritual support. Instead of NFF to giv them moral support they kept bussy, arranging for next coach for supper eagle and even paid for their ticket to come back aftr they might ve lost to Ivorian team, but God did wonder thrugh prayer. Stop speaking against man of God if u dont want God’s annoyance over your life, d bible even says my pple perish without vission.