The Most Embarrassing and Awkward Moments Ever


The embarrassing situations commonly faced by people are really awkward and humiliating, such acts sometimes results in loss of dignity or self-esteem depending on the situations and the people around us.
Here is a list of top embarrassing and awkward moments one faces in life.

  • Maladroit Tragedies. Almost every one faces such situations in life at least for one time, which are really awkward to face. Moments like slipping at public place, falling on someone, spilling water on food on dress while eating in a public place, sweat patches on t shirts and food getting stuck in teeth, etc comes under this category. Faltering in public places and then trying to get up in front of everyone is also a little tongue-tied.
  • Nigel no Friends. Some times having no friends or no one to talk to in a party also becomes embarrassing. Imagine yourself going in a party and no one there is interested in talking to you, then how will you spend your time. Also in some incidents, it is very awkward for people when they go to talk to someone and people their back on them making the person self-conscious and discomfited. In such situations people are left tongue tied, as they feel ill at ease.
  • Getting Caught. This is other most common embarrassing situation. When people gossip about someone’s character, dressing sense and that person listens their points of discussion from back, such situations are most commonly faced by students and the office workers when they gossip about their teachers and boss respectively. Other situation when people come across such embarrassment is making an excuse for not doing some work, or not going somewhere and then being trapped in the lie.
  • Dating Disasters. Some messy tragedies on a date also become embarrassing for people. Most common disasters in this category are being silent and not saying anything on first date, spilling drink or food on partner due to nervousness, etc. Many other dating disasters are forgetting the wallet while going on a date and asking the girl to pay, sometimes boys say that they don’t have enough money to pay the whole bill, some guys who are more interested in sex than the girl, ask the girl about sex on their first date itself, making the situation embarrassing for the girl and for themselves too.
  • Looking Foolish. Some people feel they are looking awesome, but the reality is something else actually others know how much stupid they and their acts are. Such people crack jokes in front of everyone feeling that people will laugh on their jokes, rather people laugh on foolishness of such people. Such people with their acts make the situation inelegant in front of public, leaving themselves unable to say anything. Ultimately such people are avoided by public, as no one wants to spend time with such morons who themselves become the fun issue publicly.
  • Lost for Words. The situation of being lost for words is very common in almost every age group, while giving any speech or talking in a seminar many people forget what they were talking about, and finally reaches out of their depth and feels discomfort able to face the people. Also some times while talking to someone people forget the name of the person they are talking to, making the situation clumsy and feeling embarrassed.
  •  Mistaken by Baby Bump. This is one of the most common embarrassing situations faced by healthy ladies. Some ladies because of their figure appear like they are pregnant, and people come and congratulate them for pregnancy. Such situation makes them self conscious and they are unable to say anything to the people, as such acts make them gawky. Other such actions of people which make embarrassed are offering seat to a woman in bus, considering she is pregnant but in reality she is not. Also some times while travelling though air ways the person in charge asks the fat woman about their medical fitness certificate (as they are pregnant), where as in reality she is not pregnant. Such tragedies make them tongue-tied in front of everyone.
  •  Embarrassment by Proxy. It is a considerate embarrassment felt due to some stupid acts or odd behavior of the people (relatives or friends) who are unacquainted with the feeling of shame due to some reasons. Most common example of such situations is the person with you is acting brainlessly or dim-witted in public, odd behavior of friends in public due to being drunk. Such acts make a person feel ill at ease, without any fault of his/her own.
  •  Romantic Mishaps. Almost everyone, who is or you can say who was in relationship come across some romantic tragedies. Most common romantic catastrophes faced by couples or one of the partner are catching a glimpse of one’s ex with his/her new partner, some to times a person show his feelings to his/her partner by saying “I Love You” and in return receives a cold sentiment less response. When such incidents occur in public, then it can result to braking of relations, as the partner has to face a lot of inept able situations making them tongue-tied in front of everyone. Such embarrassing situations are most common in life of celebrities, for example the famous tragedy of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and there are many more such stories which embarrass one of the partners publicly without any fault. Researches prove that around forty percent of the people consider proposals in public as an embarrassing situation.
  • Wardrobe Malfunctions. The term Wardrobe Malfunctions refers to an inadvertent disclosure of some intimate parts. Sometimes our clothes can also embarrass us, as getting clothed up in morning time is a little intricate, when people are in hurry they forget to put on their zip, buttons and in such manner the clothes become wacky resulting in humiliation in a public place like office, temple, clubs etc. Also many a time people tuck their shirt into their underwear, and as a result feel a little ill at ease in front of public when people stare at their dress so strangely.