Tuface Baby Mama Blasts Goldie’s Husband


Sunmbo Ajaba, the born-again Baby Mama of Tuface Idibia is not happy with the way Andrew Harvey has been talking and granting press interviews immediately after his wife, Goldie Harvey died under mysterious circumstances on her return from the US. Sunmbo thinks if Mr Harvey is a “real” husband he would grieve and mourn Goldie in peace.

Below is what she said about Goldie’s husband media show….
No grieving husband grants interview 2days after loosing his wife. Andrew shld pls let Goldie rest peacefully hain! Dis drama is unnecessary— ♕Adesunmbo Ajaba™ (@Sunmbo) February 16, 2013

But after all the negative insinuations that have been trailing Goldie, especially with drug story, is it wrong for her husband to set the records straight? Do you agree with Sunmbo that he should keep quiet?




  1. He needed to set the record straight and protect his wife’s name from being tarnished.
    Is Sunmbo trying to say he is not a grieving husband? My advise to her is not to judge anyone but mind her own affairs.
    Unlike pretentious hypocritical Nigerians, our culture is different from the whites. If the husband did not say anything the same Sunmbo will have something to say.

  2. I dnt tink ders anytin wrong in andrew harvey giving d media audience,he rily has 2protect his wife’s image $ I tink its high tym sum stupid nigerians mind dia business $ stop running dia mouth abt d deceased.d husband clearly said it was dia agreement 2kip dia marriage secret.$ 4 sumbo do not judge 4u nt 2b judged.Pm news too sud get a lyf $ stop publishing nonsensense.hungry lions

  3. People react to shock differently. Harvey has just been robbed of a precious friend…and he is reacting to the negative comments about his wife. He feels obliged to set the records straight. He is the one that has really lost something in this circumstance. He is not himself right now and should be consoled and not cajoled please. He is going through some trauma which can take any form.

  4. I still wonder why she hung out wth prezzo while married ! Why the secrecy ? What’s there to hide in the marriage ? Like they say, there’s nothing hidden under the sun

    • She’s hanging out wit Prezzo cos she used charm on Mr Harvey, she only needs Mr Harvey’s money. Dat is what Mr Harvey’s real wife, Ifeoma Harvey said.

  5. Does that mean Godie is having an affair with prezzo. That’s not fair if it true. But of her husband granting the press audience is never a crime. Please let’s try and mind our business.

  6. I rily don’t get this, so mr harvey allowed his wife to have an affair with prezzo ? Granting interview is ok but the crazy thing is the secrecy.

  7. U pple r busy attacking an innocent woman who is voicing her view when d real issue is d fact that d late singer was married and nothg like this was mentioned even when she was in BBA show. D charade has been going on that this kenyan guy plan to propose to her on Val’s day even when its known now she has a husband. Which man will keep quiet and allow his wife to be broadcast on national tv as going out with another man? Marriage to me is something a person is supose to be proud of esp if its a happy home like what Mr Harvey made us to believe. Whatever this is all I can say is RIP Goldie

  8. The truth about Goldie’s marriage with Harvey or the state of their marriage is yet to be known. I think there is more to it than meets the eye.

  9. so all u know is that she was married? i didn’t know until now, now ask yourself what she was doning with the Kenyan though supposedly married. Have u also herd she santched Harvey from her friend, after she had 2 kids for him, and that he’s down in a Malasia hospital as u read this? women…God save us!

  10. Tori baje o!!ders lots uf unravel mystery behind goldie,,,,no talk anyhaw haw 4 her matter..she’s so complicated!husband ni!husband ko!

  11. If truely Goldie was married, y is it dat nobody heard of it till now dat she is dead, and if true, y did the husband keeep quiet all these while dat she was planning to marry prezzo? Or is he afraid or is they anything they are trying to hide?


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