(VIDEO) Boko Haram Behind Kidnapping of French Family

Boko Haram has released a video showing the French family which was kidnapped in Cameroon, near the border with Nigeria.


The three minutes 26 seconds video, posted on YouTube today, Monday, February 25, shows the seven members of the Moulin Fournier family, kidnapped on February 19: three adult members of the family – two men and one woman, and four children sitting between two armed men, masked, and in military fatigue, and a third who acted as the group spokesperson.

The spokesperson confirmed they belong to the Jama’a Ahl al-Sunnah lil Da’wa wal Jihad, better known as Boko Haram.

He accused France of waging war on Islam, and said the condition for releasing their hostages was for the Nigerian government to release all female jihadists imprisoned, while the Cameroonian government releases their male counterparts.

“Finally, I say to you, fulfill all of these things, and if you leave one thing from them we will slaughter those we took, we will slaughter those we took,” the spokesperson threatened at the end of the video.

The release comes a day after a faction of the group told journalists in Nigeria they were pushing for a ceasefire and that the leader of the group, Abubakar Shekau, was in support of dialogue with the government.

French President, François Hollande, had mentioned Boko Haram as the kidnappers of the hostages. French and Cameroonian authorities also said the hostages were later taken to Nigeria after their kidnap in Cameroon.

Watch video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cwBwmZ-r2rQ



  1. It will be stupid and a great mistake if not the worst ever mistake his Excellency would make in his entire life, if he listen to so-called ex president O. Obasanjo and other past Leaders as they are all indirectly looking for the fall of this regime. however, I have always send messages of advice to current president Jonathan but not sure if any has ever gone to his attention. if I have the opportunity to message or speak to his excellency, I will advice him on behalf of innocent masses, whom, how & what to do with the help of 3 world leaders. Am using this opportunity to give my Kudo’s and prayer to president Obama because many would never belief it, that without president Obama in power, “Third world war” would have taking place. God would continue to give him more wisdom. President Jonathan!!!!! do not listen to your enemy as they’re all around you.


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