VIDEO: Goldie’s Talks About What She Wants To Be Remembered For

The gorgeous Goldie had her trademark smile, and the confident pose that endeared many Nigerians to her. Beautiful, full of passion and just ready to go.

It’s amazing how one so alive barely 24 hours ago could have gone like a candle in the wind…

What Goldie Wants To Be Remembered For:



  1. REGRETABLY! Nothing Good 2 be Remembered 4…But Ugly Pics and complications Where does Hubby Andrew Harvey stand as Lover Boi Prezzo took Night Bus from Kenya 2 Lagos or underground “Aristlotus” in NASS who claims her Body???
    GOLDIE in Ur Next Outing in Life as U juat finished Playing Ur Script in Life Stage, Pls Be REAL 2 Urself.

    May D Lord receive Ur SOUL!


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