Video: Messi Kissed By Fan During Argentina-Sweden Friendly

A Barcelona fan invaded the pitch in yesturday’s match-up between Argentina and Sweden to give his footy hero a nice aul peck on the forehead. Messi didn’t seem to mind.

Argentina beat the Swedes 3-2 in tonight’s friendly in Stockholm and while Messi remained scoreless, he still received quite a bit of attention.

Near the end of the match a fan wearing the Barcelona no.10 shirt ran onto the pitch and planted a big kiss on the Argentine’s forehead and in typical Messi fashion, he just stood there and took it. He’s used to this adulation lark at this stage.

After kissing his hero, the pitch invader slowly walked away and was quickly caught by the stewards, but at that stage he couldn’t have cared less.

Not too long ago Messi received another kind gesture from a fan in the form of a hug and reacted in the same fashion.

Sweden v Argentina - International Friendly