Why Do Good Guys Get Their Hearts Broken?

Heartbroken Man Crying Over Photograph

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but I just thought we could discuss some relationship truths to ensure you’re not alone next Valentine, and if you weren’t this year, to ensure you don’t lose your partner.

I’ve been seeing posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter asking questions about why the good guys often get their hearts broken. I may have some of the answers here; answers which may ensure you are not alone next Valentine.

I’ve tried being a ‘bad boy’ in girl-issues, and as much as that was strange to me, it worked like magic.

Have you ever wondered why a good girl despite her hatred for smoking and alcohol still dates a guy who drinks? The reason is, as much as she hates those habits, she enjoys the fun that comes with it. Guys who drink always have causes to hang out, and maybe a couple of times, the girl will be there too. Girls like having fun, religious or not. Take her to the beach, let her hang out with you and your friends in a bar, take her to go watch a movie; they just love to have fun, and sadly most good guys don’t measure up in the fun department. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying you’re bad because you drink, and you’re not because you don’t.

Good guys make the mistake of caring too much and girls don’t like it when you care too much; it makes them uncomfortable. You want to show that you care and so you call every hour, if she hasn’t complained yet, believe me; she’s got a high tolerance level. Calling too often put girls off, and it’s a mistake most good guys make. Don’t blame them, there’s no other person; it’s only you, girl, and they call every time they miss you. It should be a good thing, but as it turns out, girls don’t like it. See another reason why she left?

Also, most good guys let girls have their way too easily. You believe you’re doing that because you love her, and you deny yourself most times because you are in love. The bad thing is it only makes you look weak, and girls don’t wanna be with a weak guy. You gotta get angry when you should, ignore her call when she deserves it. You gotta always remind her you’re the man.

S*x is an issue in relationships. Many good guys won’t ask for it except the girl freely gives. Even when they make moves and the girl pretends to be angry, they just let go, and the girl thinks to herself, “what a fool I’m dating!” You don’t have to be a bad guy to give it to your girlfriend anyway she wants it…okay; I should stop talking about this. My point here is you have to understand who your partner is and relate accordingly. If you are the good guy who wouldn’t have pre-marital s*x, you have no business dating a girl who would.


There is also one thing; as bad as it is to cheat on your partner, girls seem to get a kick out of knowing there is possible rivalry. They live every day to impress you because they know there’s always a girl close enough already to take their place once they misbehave, even if it’s clear you have nothing going with those close girls. But when a girl never had to ask who a girl who just called you is or what you want with someone, she begins to wonder if she’s not the cheapest girl around to have settled for you.

Bad boys are hopeless romantics. You should learn how too. They know when to do what and when to stop. That’s their charm, and that’s their edge over you.