Zaria Residents Lament Total Black Out

imagesThe power supply situation in the ancient city of Zaria is anything but encouraging as residents have lamented the situation which they described as “very close to total blackout.”

Information Nigeria’s correspondent who was in Zaria discovered that most parts of the town have been without electricity for the past two weeks.

A resident, Nasir Yunus, said where he lives, Kofar Gayan, has been without electricity for the past five days.

“It is difficult for us in Zaria to reconcile the statement credited to the federal government that power supply has improved in the country. In Zaria, the situation is pathetic. The PHCN usually ‘flash’ us with electricity, as they bring light for between five and 10 minutes. If not in Nigeria, I have never heard of a place where power company ‘flashes’ customers with light,” Yunus said.

When contacted, the Zaria Business Unit Manager of the PHCN, Alhaji Shehu Tanimu, confirmed there was a problem.

He said: “As you can see, we have no light even in our office here (PHCN, Zaria headquarters). There is decrease in the megawatt we receive. We receive the energy from elsewhere and supply to customers. We cannot give what we do not have.”


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