10 Characteristics Of A Good Man To Be Your Guy


Finding a man to be your boyfriend actually isn’t a difficult thing. The difficult part is finding a man who deserves to be your life partner.

Unfortunately, many men out there take advantage of the women’s vulnerability to seduction to easily get them. In order to choose the right boyfriend, below are 10 characteristics of a good man to be your boyfriend:

1. He treats you well

He doesn’t have to treat you like a princess and spoil you everyday, but he knows what he has to do to show his love and he will never hurt you. If he accidentally hurts you, he doesn’t hesitate to come to you, admit his mistake and apologize sincerely. He is a man who appreciates and respects you. There is nothing more disgusting than a man who degrades,commits physical and verbal abuse towards a woman.

2. He is a man of his word

When he says yes, then he will do it, when he says no, then he won’t do it. Included in this trait, a man who is loyal to his girlfriend. When he promises that you will be the only woman he loved, then he really doesn’t have another woman in his heart. In other words, he takes full responsibility for his own words and realize them in his actions (He’s not wishy washy in relationships).

3. He loves you inside and out

Why this kind of man is right for you? Because he doesn’t only love you physically. He loves all of the strengths and weaknesses you have. And most importantly, he loves your imperfection, perfectly.

4. He has a bright future

If you’re really serious about bringing your relationship to a marriage, then you have to think about this. Do you have to choose a man who already have a well established job and good income? Not really. Most importantly, he is mature in thinking and has good plans for the future. Of course, he doesn’t spend most of his time playing video games and watching tv everyday. He is able to balance fun and relaxation with work and productivity.

5. He is able to guide and protect you

In relationships, men are leaders. With him, you can develop into a better woman. He also becomes the first person in front of you to protect you from all kinds of dangers.

6. He is confident in himself

Maybe he’s not handsome, but he always seems very excited, his face looks so bright, he dares to face everyone, and he has a pleasant personality. Most importantly, he is just being himself and not trying desperately to change his attitude and behave like everyone else (e.g. a movie star you like) when he is trying to draw your attention.

7. He is an independent man

Does a man who spend every day, hour, minute, and second to please you is the right man for you? Frankly speaking, NO! Because it means he is too attached and in the future, he will be very possessive of you. Independent man also thinks about his own life, spends time with his family and friends, and has other good activities to do. Don’t ever choose a needy or clingy man to be your boyfriend.

8. He is appreciative of you

He notices every little thing you do. When you try your best to look pretty, he will praise you. When you fetch him a glass of water, he will say ‘thank you’. When you do things that are out of your habit, he notices it.

9. He speaks and acts honestly

He can tell you what really happens when he makes a mistake. He does everything for you with sincerity with no bad intentions. In addition, he is a man who doesn’t seek your approval by giving praise and doesn’t hesitate to criticize yourself when you make a mistake. Receiving praise is important to make you more motivated while criticism is important to make you become a better woman.

10. He has good morality

His morality also affects your relationship in the future. A man who has grown up as a good man and doesn’t have many problems with society tends to act wisely in relationships. On the other hand, a man with low morality (e.g. solving problems with violence, familiar with criminality, drugs and free sex) tends to bring the relationship into violence, quarrels, and infidelity.

Source: Lovevirtue


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