12 Things You Don’t Know About Peter Okoye Of Psquare


Nigerian super star singer,  Peter Okoye of Psquare shares an insight into his life that his fans are probably not aware of.

Check out the 12 things below

Which is your favorite state in america?

What is your favorite football club?

Chelsea FC.
When last you had a real fight?

2 years ago with Paul.
What is your favorite music of all time?

MJ thriller.
Who is your best player in football?

Messi and C Ronaldo.
What is your favorite city in Nigeria?

FCT (Abuja).
Who is your mentor/role model?

Late MJ.
Who is your Chelsea’s favorite player? 

Juan Manuel Mata.
Your favorite Nigerian home made food?

Pounded yam and Egusi with goat meat.
If you weren’t an artist what else would you have been?

International soccer player.
Are you a goodfootballer…?

Do you sometimes wish you can just get away from the spotlight and live a normal life?