2012 WAEC: Lagos Records 100% Improvement

Gov.-Babatunde-Raji-Fashola1Lagos State has recorded a 100 per cent improvement in the 2012 West African Examination Council, WAEC, results and this is according to Governor Raji Fashola who has attributed the feat to the “Support Our Schools Initiative” that promotes better teaching and learning environment in the state.

Fashola who spoke at the 2013 CRS Awards/Breakfast meeting with private sector education partners, said better results could be achieved if more organisations and individuals partnered with government on education.

The governor said: “Thank you for investing in the most enduring legacy. This isn’t just about us but about these children because if we don’t bring the right professionals, we would still be the ones to suffer for it. We have walked quite a useful distance and the results are there for all to see. The impact is already being felt, especially in the WAEC results.

“In 2007 when we started this initiative, only 7 per cent of candidates that sat for WAEC in Lagos State got credit in mathematics, English and three other subjects. It moved up to 11 per cent in 2008, 18 per cent in 2009, 21 per cent in 2010, dipped to 19 per cent in 2011 and doubled to 39 per cent in 2012. “We are not where we want to be and we hope to double our performance in 2013. This is a long term investment and we want to provide education that would respond to our needs.”

The state “Support Our Schools initiative” is designed to revamp the state’s educational system through the active participation of individuals, civil society and corporate bodies who can support one or more of the 1001 public primary, 329 junior secondary and 312 senior secondary schools and five technical colleges in Lagos State.



  1. My people have a saying that” A good friday is always known from thursday” I have alway know that the Fashola Government was a purposeful one with a Vision and a mission. Kudus to Lagos State.

  2. It’s always said that individuals should partner the federal government for the advancement of education. But it’s practical proven that the federal government dosent have anything to offer in a partnership. Good and practical idea for educational development and reformation is out here. Why not give an implementation chance! I can’t tell how many proposal letters of well outlined strategy i’ve developed for educational revolution that’ll produce a remarkable result than we can envisage.
    We need implementation chance… I need implementation chance