2015: Jonathan Has Our Support, Says Ex-Militant Leader

Niger-Delta-militants_0Former militant leader in the Niger Delta region, Mr Kingsley Muturu, Monday, said ex-militants in the region would support the candidature of President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 presidential elections.

Muturu said; “President Jonathan deserves a second term and we in the Niger Delta, particularly the ex-militants are prepared to back him.

“He has done well as president and this is the first time one of our own is elected as President of the country since Nigeria gained independence in 1960.”

Dr Goodluck Jonathan, from Bayelsa State South-South Nigeria, is rumoured to be interested in returning to the seat of power in 2015; although he has continually stated that it is too early to start campaigning, his ambition has heightened tension in the country between the North on the one hand, and the South-South on the other.


  1. Its only in nigeria that you will discover this Madness where a group of terrorists, thiefs, vandals, armed robbers goes to media and expressin there support to vote for the useless president, this means that he is One of them !!! Let the 2015 comes. We shall see !!!!

  2. Please my brothers from the south south, we are all aware of the fact that some of us were agitating for our right but we believe that, that was then and amnesty has been granted to us and we are by right surpose to be addressing ourself by our name wen talking important issues like this, not “Ex-militant or militant, its look barbaric to hear from international communties pls


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