2Face A Wicked Man. ONLY God Will Judge you on What you Did to us – Amina


“I never knew or comprehend that Mr 2face Innocent Idibia had this spirit of Wickedness in him. We have been encouraging him even he was nothing till now that he felt that he has arrived. 

2Face, We all bought every CD you has ever played, paid for all the shows your attended, devout our time to listen to all your songs, even when the songs may not meet out expectations, as an encouragement we continued to listen to them.

Yet you didn’t show us appreciation. 2Face, Let me ask you a question. How many Arabs has bought your CDs or listen to your any of your songs? Annie Macaulay’s Parents are not Arabs as to say your choose Arabland because of proximity to her Parents.

With your spirit of wickedness, you carry your wedding to Dubai so that Nigerian fans will not eat rice or cake or drink your mineral or even our local beer. You know for sure that most of your fans can’t afford the ticket to Dubai.
You denied your fans who bought and paid for your CDs and Shows the generational opportunity to see a glimpse of your wedding, because your are sure that WE fans are not important, Nigeria is not good enough to host a Celebrity Wedding.

Tomorrow your friends and colleagues in the entertainment Industry who are Naturally Copy-cats will join the trend of wasting our Foreign Exchange in countries that see Nigerians as no body.

Well, let me tell you, get ready to sell your next album in Dubai, perform all your new shows in Arab, with new found Arab fans, as For me, I will not buy or patronise your Music ever, again.

Though it is certain that you are so wicked to us, but we will only forgive you on two condition:-
1] Apologise to Nigerian for refusing to create History in Our Land.
2] You Must take up a Campaign to your copy-cat friends and Colleagues in the entertainment industry to learn how to Appreciate, patronise Nigeria and Thinking Nigeria, First. – Amina Umar



  1. Nigeria made Tuface what he is today. It seems thoughtless of him to look down on his country and prefer a foreign land as venue for his Nigerian bride…afterall, the arab world doesn’t even know whether he exists..

    • please, tu-face put allot of effort in his songs, if not it wont come out of the studio, if u see a gud tin i believe u will go for it, the beautiful sight in dubai might have attracted him, Perhaps its Nigeria was so beautiful to attract foreigner he wont go there.

  2. Amina Umar i Eulogize your comment, 2face made a Great Mistake in live, How many of the foreigners has ever did their weddin Here. Does Nigerians that goes abroad to do their wedding is a selfish people who do not have maind give……….. 2face is one of them….

  3. Well, i don’t have much to say,, buh all i see about ths writeup its all jokes and the writer is just tryn 2 make fun out of it,, whats bad if he (2face) takes his weddin to Dubai..?,, why don’t u guys ask Stephany Okereke why she took her weddin to Paris..?,, so i don’t see any evil about 2face’s weddin at dubai,, moreova,, there are alot of Nigerians in Dubai…so furk ds story

  4. I think he decided to do his wedding outside Nigeria base on security stuff. We all know how some GUYS breaks into his house some years back trying to killed him,and that landed him in hospital. And aside that,we all know how many ladies has kids for 2face,do you think they will be happy that their husband is getting married to another lady? Pls, don’t let us bounce on him(HE NO HOLY PAS) if I was in his shoe,I will do the same º°˚˚°ºoo

  5. Everybody is a fool in someones opinion Amina Umar very stupid! U’re nt a true 2face fan how dare you jugde idibia? Go home you’re drunk…and please don’t buy 2face album, his ticket tour…and see who’s losing

  6. 2face u don try jare.u no fit satisfy evribody even if u sacrifice ur life dem no go still dey satisfied was d traditional weddin he did in his wife’s state nt enough?…abeg make una leav d guy make him enjoi him life jare…….2baba notin dey apen jor

  7. Who’s saying he bought 2face’s cd and he carried his wedding to Dubai? Wetin concern CD and wedding reception? una no buy Stephanie Okereke film? no be Paris she go wed? una no buy Jay Z and Beyonce CD? una for tell them to carry their wedding come Niaja na. Abi na so wedding rice don de sweet these days? Abegiii!!!!

  8. I’m using dis opportunity 2 apologies 2 my numerous n’ most cherished fans dat my wedding will b in cotonou. 4 security reasons n’ constant power supply during my honey moon. If I get money, I 4 go as far as 2Baba.

  9. I cn only suport Amina Umar in dt aspect of apologies, 2face need to do so….bt in other way round i tink is a welcm idea to take wedn out of naija do to security consurce. Lolz……abi Amina u mah dey among those ladies who gve him a gift of baby? ahahahahahah….he his scared of attact of those dts Y he toke his wedn to Dubai.

  10. Amina you ve spoken well. Insecurity has neva disturbed him frm performin and dancin like spider on d stage. Nigerians are not stupid nah. Am veri sure he will later regret of dat step he tuk. He will release one stupid album nw to appologise. But I tell you, APPOLOGY REJECTED. Idiot.

    • U’r foolish 4 dat statement, do u kw if d so called Amina is angry because she’s one of d ladies 2face impregnated if not wat’s her business with where 2face did his wedding. even if he had done the wedding in Nigeria dat rice she said she didn’t taste, she still won’t have smelled it not to talk of tasting it.

  11. It is nonsensical of him 2 wed abroad indeed,hw can u bite a finger dat feeds u?despite insecurity problems in nigeria other celebrities are celebrating here,beside,if 2face is been hunted by his former wives dats a repercaution of womanizers,2 hell with him and his likes who thinks nigeria and nigerians are nothing,infact,there is no place like home.

  12. Make una leave 2baba alone o.so u want him to do his wedding in lagos where every1 can have access to it including his enemies & 1 Way or d other he gets killed.u don see mugu,abi.if want to eat rice,why not go to Akwa-Ibom for his tra wedding.
    Rubbish posting

  13. 1st d mumu wey talk say 2face no do weddin 4 naija u need go bak go read paper or listen 2 news….guy u talk carect talk jare i wonder weytin concern CD nd weddin o.we knw sey everybodi like 2 face….as for AMINAT UMAR na d story of ur life u want hear u beta find beta job do

  14. Amina,stop creating critics 2 a gud thing and stop hating…@least He did a traditional one which his family and Annie’s family appreciate.So,wotz ur own abt d Wedding and I’m very sure u’re not a die hard fan of 2face cos if u’re truly a fan of Him,u wouldn’t talk like dat…I see no sense in ur comment so,SHUT UP

  15. 2face knws if he holds d wedding in niga,there might b som fight,quarrel or somtin else might happen bcos he has broken d heart of so many girls, imagin wen dey say if u c any reason y dis couple shud nt b joined ageda stand up or forever hold ur peace. Do u see hw it is ?

  16. Many people have made comment good and bad,that is the real human nature am also a 2face fan,its really bad for him to do the wedding outside nigeria were he have millions of fans,let come to think of it his fuck up is much in nigeria that why he ran to dubai to wed there,he they claim wise guy be that for im eye be dat o.

  17. 2face u fuck up. just kindly apologis even thought u r not d 1st one 2 do so bt frm u we understand wat d rest r doin. we all love u as our belove bros n we wil alwys love u bt u made wrong park we gat 2 tel u 2 park well. Not even 2face bt any of our bros o sis dat did such or is planin 2 do such he/she please stop or we wil take him as enemy of Nigeria n d whole Africa. yes one love one naija one africa one black race.

  18. @ amina u ar roung wit that post af2raw 2face av his traditional wedding here in akwa ibom do u go 2 d traditional wedding,so white wedding can be done anywere in d world so amina stop that critixs ok

  19. It is quite unfortunate that he who sung it that ‘for instance that he is the one whey them give chance that they carry our money go FRANCE buT where did he carried his wedding To. They all believe that we(nigerians) are senseless . If they are about growing up they use Niggeria as a stepping stone but when they grown Nigeria becomes a land of no one should we continue like this should our celebrity used us and dumb us like this. Truly I. Love tuface but what he did is unfair

    • Yall Dumbasses shud stfu! Bella Adenuga had her weddin here in Nigeria! So wah moni doz he hav dat z freakin hez momory? Yea itz no onez bizness whr he doz hez weddn! For cryin out loud Tuface z an illitrate Honeymoonz re mostly done in Dubai nuh weddinz precisely! D yhu ask d name of d hotel he did z weddin? Lol D cheapest Hotel in Dubai• No one needz hez apologises let him keep it nd talkin of INsecurity wen he did hez traditional weddin in Akwa-ibom Y waz it nuh interupted?Yall shud stop deceivin yoself on insecurtiy nonsense cos der re richer nd beta pple beta dan tuface here in Nigeria nd had der weddinz here! Yall needa knw tuface wanted to break word nd he juz failed! He even had hez weddin clipz on a dvd as in a song! Believe me dat dubai tin waz only a show off we all knw whr tuface started frm! Itz nuh lyk hez dubai weddin waz d best of fly weddin I seen! Der re tonz of weddin here in Naija dat I can mention! Aftall z honeymoon waz also in dubai• So guyz he can hav hez weddin whereva hu cares• Total num of pple plus family nd celebz whr 861 chec hez weddin profile• Datz nuh wah I cal a real celeb weddin!

  20. Order in da house we’ve all spoken well, I blif 2baba has a beta reason y he did it dere. But to put smile in all his fans face I wanna suggest he do A FREE SHOW for all his fans.
    If u support FREE SHOW say AYE!

  21. Every creature is entitled to his or her opinion,so if you ask me,2face is not any wrong choosing to wed abroad that what he likes & he is comfortable with that,that still does not council the fact he’s a Nigerian,what about our politicians that send their children to universities abroad & refused to treat our lecturers well here?even the money used in training their children abroad comes from here,so what can you do about it? Amina,don’t make a mountain out of nothing.just pray to God to also bless you & if you want to wedd in the moon your very free.

  22. hi 9ja, dnt get crossed with 2baba he is also humanbeing. He will come bck to do 9ja version for his fans @ home. And @ amina umar u r taking too personal wat has CD got to do with wedding in dubai, it shows u r nt thru fan of 2baba. U shld be happy 4 him after so many break ups and make ups.

  23. I guess only few of you can criticize constructively, while most of you are so OFF-POINT….. There’s absolutely no reason to condemn AMINAT, she has made known her feelings which basically is true……..
    U talkin of 2-face, 2baba(i laugh), am nt actually xuprised becos 90% of our Leaders and Celebrities are nt PATRIOTIC….
    A line in our national pledge says “to uphold her honour and glory”, 2face hasn’t done dis rather he had konfirm d fact dat Nigeria is insecure and rubbish d honour of ma Fatherland and dis was largely caused by 2face himself bcos wen he went around fathering Children lyk a ****, he neva tot of d implications and now xum of you are xupportin him….
    Wen he first sang “Nfan-Banga”, wre were the Arabs den ivn uptill “see Me sO” and so on, wre were they???
    And pls it z nt iz xo kald weddin rice i am afta buh rather the dignity of my fatherland…. He has proven to us that we indeed are “MAGA kos we dey pay wella” and to the foreigners dat Nigeria is truly insecure……
    And Abt Stephenie Okereke dat xum are talkin, try make more research abt it…….
    Let also note dat 2face or others muxik kan’t get us home and dat
    I wish Innocent & Annie a married life, more and more pikinz… #Xtay-Blessed#

  24. I think u guys had created wonderful pages in ur diverse understandings,but let me Add that TUbaba as a womanizer he is,he wuldnt wnt some kind of gal to come n challenge his wedding wit Annie.It wuld v been Hilarious if he had done it in Nigeria n feature his Fans as well but coz of broken hearted Ladies outcry that may cost him his peaceful weddin,He chnge to Dubai..dats his coin,i believe he never liked it

  25. amina u wan’t to spoil 2face name jst becos of rice and mineral. nawa for u, u never do wedding for ur family before,ok na white rice and panla fish wedding. hmmn don’t worry i promise wen his wife put to bed u wil eat more than enough( waje ajeyo wa tun di lole) amina pls no vex, facebook beggar.

  26. 2face,wel i want 2 bliv is insecurity and mayb a Celebrity stunt 2 gain more popularity wit d yatch and xpensive receptn @ d island!!!,but criously he has d rite 2 shedule is life wer’ever is want!!,pause 4 a while howmany of una no desire 2 do d same!xo fuck off and leave 2baba alone…his songs and cds wil even rate higher HATERS

  27. I don’t know why some Nigerians are scolding Mr. 2Face for having his wedding at Dubai. Being a celebrity whose CDs are bought by all and sundry doesn’t mean that he has no freedom of decision. “Are the fans the ones to decide for him?” Why are Nigerians hiding their “dirty” minds and “chewing” unchewable matters about this Icon?

    I believe that none of these fellows are annoyed because they were unable to present him gifts but could it be because of the one-day meal? Could it be because of the take-away pack? Or because they have “beefs” in mind already?

    Even if the wedding was set to hold here in Nigeria would they go? Why are we beefing unnecessarily?

    How many dubious and callous politicians have we chewed their issues like this even though “We make them who/what they are” as many say to Innocent Idibia? Pls let this “Innocent” live his God given life and focus on how you can also in future celebrate yours in the “Moon” if you so wish.

    {Salami Famous Esq.}

  28. Amina i dey ur side,why we Nigerians can’t promote our mother’s land by doing dis in our country? 2face hav 2 do his weddin in Benue state right in otukpo so dat his local pple we atlist witness wht they didn’t expect.In dis case i do one gbusaaa 4 Amina.

  29. well what i c and notice is dat most of u guyz condeming Amina opinion are not loyal to ur country. 2face made a mistake in d sense dat He knw hw we nigerians love him and apreciate him, atleast coming back home to host his fans in nigeria shld be part of his wedding arrangement, 2face i can’t condem ur action but atleast for d sake of ur loyal fanz u cld have make ur wedding accessible. make anybody no talk of security atall, what is bigger dan dat was hosted in 9ija and our security men protected d scene well.

  30. We can’t really blame 2face, his place of wedding is his choice & ours as a true fan to follow. As young as I am, having not yet achieve greatness, I always tell my friends when its time for me to marry, I’m gonna marry in Italy, Juventus Arena, if possible. So tell me, when I work to have the money, enough money to wed in Italy, would I disregard my dreams to satisfy my fans’ selfishness? Mind u, this is business; he sings, put in on CD, & u buy! Its not a charity. He gives – he takes, u give – u take. Not like he broadcasted a bank acc. no. & we start to pay in for nil reasons. We pay for his SERVICE, so, pls, drop the ill & vacant thoughts of hate. & yes, Jesus is coming soon, repent if u haven’t. :)

  31. seriously when i saw this news on information Nigeria, i clicked on it thinking it was one of his baby mama that was trying to make a scene neva knew it was some stupid and senseless comment. Amina b4 u comment next time think b4 u comment all bcos 2 baba no do him wedding here u called him a wicked man, people wey born pikin for him no even complain. and to round it up 2 face is one of ma best musician in Nigeria cos most of his music or songs make sense and has meaning unlike some annoying songs new musician sing now adays, so plz free him oh.

  32. 2baba i still remain ur no 1 fan, but atleast you could have honour the African beauty as u sang it in one of ur album AFRICAN QUEEN, u made our leaders to know that to carry naija money abroad is dishonour to our motherland, then why did u do it? If u say insecurity, did any thing harm u during traditional wedding? Please 2baba do something to correct this mistake. I will always fans u to infinity .

  33. Amina nw bcos of 2face weddin for dubai u don dey purpola abi???dats wat u wanted…wen em do em traditional marriage for Eket y u no come?2face stay for eket for 5 gud days even wen light no dey steady for d hotel were em lodge he was still dere bcos he is a humble guy.babe u ve got wat u wanted so f****koùt

  34. Negatives and Positive comments about the young celebrity** Well i side with the positives. Talking about it, who is who in our so called naija?? A human has the right to take whatever actions he determine to take. As in the case of MR 2FACE, He have reasons for his so called actions ad even if he does not, no harm is attached to it!

  35. 2face let me tel u.As ur fan u not do d right 4 us ur nigerians fans. Dat is stupidness as a nigerian u proud with ur country, hw can you take ur wedding to dubai? Ok what dem dey give you there¿ Noting..As ur fan i m very very angry wit u atall u have 2 apologize 4 your fans.. 4 me i will not be your fan again never be cos I m not a lagalaga fan dat’s why…So Amina your right n true I support you 100,000% 4 dat. n u 2face you have 2 ting on it if ur tinker if not ohoo na u sabi woo.

  36. All of you that supported this article are broke bunch of retards. I”m as much of a 2face fan as you are but really, you guys reason so shallowly. Did you dash 2face money? Did 2face not work hard in the studio, day in, day out for his money? So what the hell is the problem? I can bet my last penny that you guys Stephanie Okereke’s movies? Did she not do her wedding in Paris? Is 2face the first person to get married abroad? Even some American celebrities get married in their favorite vacation spot. So shut the hell up.

    It is HIS wedding, not his fans wedding, he is the one getting married, not the fans, so he has the prerogative to do his wedding however he chooses to. If 2face had decided to invite all his dedicated fans, how the thing for be like? Na the whole Nigeria go attend wedding be dat. He has made his money and has the right to spend it however he wishes to. He also has a brain like you and I and is capable of making decisions for HIMSELF, he has a right to be HAPPY. It’s a once in a life time event, so can you guys pump enough common sense in your head and be happy for him? Hating won’t carry you far.

    Such a dimwitted writer with an appaling evel of reasoning.

  37. 2baba fuck up! y cant we blacks learn for once? hw many foreigners or dubai citizens buy 2baba cds? y cant we b proud of our thing? suddenly, we stop playin forieng music for local one just to encourage people like 2baba and co. suddenly u ve arrived, the ladder that took u up there is what u r trying to destroy indirectly. do u knw hw many jobs u would have created just for hosting ur wedding here in naija? kanu nwankwo had all the money to host his weeding anywhere in d world but he choosed his beloved state. am sorry for blacks and their low level sense. i wish u a successful marriage life. enjoy

  38. 2baba did his wedding accrdin 2 his statues n beside he did his traditional weddin here in naija n it ws made public 2 every1unlike other celebs dat will do it secretly…..i knw 2baba he is nt stingy he will definately appreciate his 4 dia sopport…he is nt a politician xo dnt say he tuk ur mney n invested abroad…plz stp critics u no holy pass….u wld do de worst shit ifu fne ursef in his positn

  39. Well,Amina i think Mr innocent has its right 2 make decision & dose decision ar bound 2 b wrong or right.
    On dis one,I think 2baba got it all wrong because if we don’t promote our culture & believe in ourselves,No body will!
    I think we still need 2 here 4rom d horses mouth?

  40. Growing up as a child,I loved his songs soo much &took him as a role model.but its soo embarrassing impregnating girls evrywhere!!WHY ???soo disgusting& appalling!!yet soo foolish people will say he is human don’t judge him!! Where are our morals &value??now he married one&left the rest!what does d future hold 4 his kids&what example is he setting!!!I beg. Make he fly away jor

  41. U people should stop all dis nonsense talk about 2face wats u people business even if he wants d weeddng in heaven or on earth its his business and nt urs u are saying dat if he did not apologies u wnt buy his CD’s are u d only person listening to his CD’s or did it seem dat he cares u people will be critisizing people jst becos u never had d opportumity he has, even if he does it here in nigeria there also must be critisizers cos u can’t please everybody’ cos anytin u do d must talk, cos na dem get their mouth’ please umar u shold go and get a life cos its idleness let leads to dis stupid, nonsense and senseless post, RUBBISH!!!!!!!

  42. ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ pipo dt say ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊. Won’t buy 2face cd again,I jst laugh u pipo cos u tink its ur cd dt 2face make his moni?dose 200naira cds ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ guys buy r all pirated, hw many of u so call fans can buy 2face original cd 4 5k.‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ guys shuld go n rest n tink hw 2 improve urr lives!

  43. I pity any body blaming 2face. Person that has 2face no be lies +deciet be his surname ?whyo,jipity, ojoro abegy make una no mind am after all he don see him dubai Queen not African Queen any longer. Lets Watch him closely or he will impregnate an Arabian girl oh. The guy 2face no get culture for condoms & NACA (AID) no reach him village. Fine boy that has no cautions below his belt or under his boxers ha haa haaa hope sharia law doesn’t catch up with you there ooooo

    • all dis ones dat u people ar saying about impregnating gals, se no b d gals want am lyk dat? cos am sure say he no force dem open leg for am, dey thought dey would b able 2 trap him 2 get married 2 dem bcos of d pregnancy, some of dem ar even proud 2 av a child for a celebrity lyk 2face. So make una just try to shut d f**kup

  44. umaru think twice & look b4 u talk so dat ur day may b long. I dey hear say u say that our best awarder take his weddn to dubai & leave ur papa community to wedd so dat u can hav access on his rice serve urself, umaru leave dat 1 wey u dey talk bcos na poorman sencibility b dat, i dey alway tanx God say God no be human being, if God just give person 5second to regulate dis world u go pay b4 talk so all dis boko haram wey dem dey throw bom like knockout 4 church wey him dey. 2baba as 4 me u no get prblm ur child delication i tink it shall in USA so that bad belled no go see. 2baba Last week when i called u u told me that is next month dat u r release the album am waitin 4 it 2baba.

  45. anytime someone misbehaves in our society dese days,,we say dont judge him,even if the person is unrepentant,are we goin to continue like dis? See Afcon dat just ended almost if nt all d African Countries have white coaches but a black coach claimed the price in the midst of it..Until we start appreciatin ourselves nobody will.
    Tuface did d traditional here nobody disturbed him,why den shuld he be afraid to do d wedding here? he has been to dese places bfor,theres nothing new abt it to him,so whats the point? He sure owes his fans an apology,cos am one of dem..not dat i care whre he did his weddein but Amina is rite.

  46. It is regretably lugubrius dat d youth v remained lukewarm n perhaps complacent to core issues of national growth n devt. If u know d amount of petrol billion dollars coming to d Federation acc every month n how the political class loot n build empires 4 demselvs n childrn even yet unborn u won’t talk of Mr. 2face. We endure humilation, deprivation n evil so much, forgeting dat there is a battle, of national strugle dat we must fight, a fight for devt, one for justice and d welbeing of every Nigerian. This cheat n evil must not b allowed 2 continue, we must b ready 2 die for d good of ds country, we must give our lives as sacrifice 4 radical change, if not our nationhood n destiny wil never see d light of peace n devt.

  47. Haba People! I think Amina is just making a joke out of dis post. She can’t be serious. So let’s take it in dat light. Even if Tuface had his wedding here, culd it be possible for every fan to be there? She is just joking I want to believe.

  48. Amina Umar may Olodumare and the Orishas bless you.
    Ever since I learned 2face was to host is much lauded wedding in Dubai which I thought
    was a joke, I couldn’t process a reason out of such superfluous decision even if it turns
    out to be true which is the case now.

    Of all those who have made it to the list of my most disliked musical and entertainment
    artistes in Nigeria, 2Face may ever make it to that list, or so I thought until this overt
    move of his. I so dig this talented Edo looking Tivi guy and despite the stress that I don’t
    listen to Nigerian musicals that much, 2face used to be among my few exception since
    he does less of crap music and of whose unapologetic lifestyle I supportively adore,
    however, but not to the extent of after having made his fame and fortune in a land he
    now thinks isn’t worth celebrating his marriage in. I hate to judge others but I can’t help
    but to wonder why in Tartarus would a fame-drunk, ego-intoxicated Idibian fall the
    hands of his fans.

    Come on, what message is he sending to the outside world? I believe
    with the action he actually screamed at it fans that Nigeria lacks tasteful exotic spot to
    pull off an exquisite wedding? Well it isn’t as if I’m a fan of Nigeria per se, but I suppose
    2face wouldn’t score well even from those fans who pretend to be indifferent about
    wedding in UAE, perhaps he may relocate HyperTek there and have is next gig shot on
    the moon to truly feel among class. I’m not saying he can’t chose to wed in wherever
    location he pleases but haba, it’s like thinking how it would look like to see the symbolic
    American icons such as Frank Sinatra or Elvis Priestley locating their wedding party in
    Russia or Congo, it just doesn’t connect.

      • Conspiracy? Where’d you get that word from? I hope that won’t be the title of his next album. And for your information it matters a lot where he decides to do his wedding. Regardless of his fans, what sort of message is he sending out to the international market he’s been striving to penetrate. If he had done is wedding in South Africa, or Kenya you’re very much likely to deem it unfit citing reasons like “How many crowd does he pulls in Kenya when compared to his homeland where he carved his name?”, “How many South Africans fans listen to 2Face or any other Nigerian artistes for that matter (except 9ice) muchless of gracing his concert/shows”?

        And why are most of 2face defenders making this whole topic about rice, cake and drinks? Amina Umar was merely expressing humor, and you all took it literally. And I don’t need you or the likes of ItModella, dominique and Larrey of Nairaland to remind everyone that it his money is spending. What cheap replies.

  49. Most of the responders here indicates an appalling level of reasoning.
    Why have you all chose to attack the writer’s opinion
    which some of us happen to independently share too. Stephanie Okereke, another Nollywood bimbo who is said to have done hers in the land of the Gauls to me isn’t different from certain Nigerian artistes
    and producers who altogether aren’t different from some two faced Nigerian elites and
    politicians who send their children to school/unis abroad and yet make their money here.

    Amina Umar made a point about the possibility of every celeb now flying out to celebrate
    any thing in a bid to outmatch the yardstick TuFace has just trended, given the Nigerio-
    celeb-class mentality, a condescending practice analogous to some so-called
    producers and directors here who now travel out to shoot wacky musical videos, only
    to come back and infest almost every TV channels with their lacklustre and conceptless
    ‘bombom shaking videos’ musical videos.

    What Tuface did is unfair, not to me or
    anyone unconcerned but to those big-time fans of his who made him what he is, only if
    you could strain a bit to look at his deed without been utterly biased, you’ll realise he
    could be charged with ‘homage negligence’, and when found guilty before the Supreme
    Court of Fanboyogos, he may be facing Xyears of decline in favouratings mostly from
    his pro-Nigeria fans.

  50. Gush . . .i laf in riddles. If every Nigerian is given equal opportunity as 2face, i bet u, Nigeria will be empty. Na poverty and illiteracy the worry una. If u didnt get the message of the writer, plz go back and read it. Alodo

  51. Amina i think u are indirectly tellin us that u cnt afford rice and mineral, and even his events ticket. Its a shame though…..well, its a free world, express hw u feel but dnt poison other people’s minds cos u hv made me to believe that u are possessed with so much jealousy, hatred nd poverty. As for those who are dancing to amina’s tone, i pity y’all cos Idibia is enjoying his money while y’all are slimming nd dying of jealous nd anger. Fuck haters! 2baba i hail joor

  52. Abeg, hahahaaaa.. Wt ‘s wedding in  1st context? Amina ɑ̤̥̈̊πϑ co , check  meaning ☀̤̣̈̇F dt word b4 U̶̲̥̅̊ do any oda thing concernin dis issue again,  crying out loud, he had two wedding ceremonies; one in his country wch Ϟ•̸ɑ̤̥̈̊s̶̲̥̅̊ even the real wedding den d white one wch U̶̲̥̅̊ pple re killin ursevs , he did @ a place ☀̤̣̈̇F his choice. The keyword here ΐƨ union ɑ̤̥̈̊πϑ ℓ̊†̥ s been done here in his native land, and the white weddind ΐƨ an extension ☀̤̣̈̇F  celebration.

  53. before we start concluding lets pause to look at it from this angle, we all know tuface’s past as a womanizer now pls tell me which pastor or church do you think would want to marry a man who has children from different women out of wedlock? wouldnt that be contradicting many things from the bible? you might say y him no go do court wedding then. wouldnt that be more embarrassing self for his celebrity status and yes they had their wedding on a beach in dubai pls tell me which beach naija get wey him fit use instead? beach for naija wey ashana don over throw finish and white garment churches. so for me i believe theres more to meet the eye. dont judge the guy

  54. this is a typical lesson for us to know the type of names we call ourselves or children
    tuface: two faced
    tiger woods: tiger in the woods of golf
    usain bolt: bolt of lighting on the track
    goodluck: president of naija

  55. ItsModella: It’s HIS wedding, not yours or any of his fans.
    GhostofSparta: Oh! we thought it was Black Face’s wedding, thanks for the correction.

    ItsModella: He HAS the right to celebrate it wherever and however he chooses to.
    GhostofSparta: Good point, he also has the right to sell/promote his next album and gig in Dubai, his new found land. I’m sure the Arabs youths there can relate more to his music.

    ItsModella: It’s a day for HIM, not any of his fans. It’s once in a life time event, a day he’s gonna look back at, a day he’ll always remember, a day he’ll always cherish, his choice should at least be respected. He does not owe any apology to anyone for celebrating his wedding the way he deemed fit.
    GhostofSparta: And how would you respond if every Nigeria celebrities begins toe the path of celebrating their parties, wedding, album launch outside Nigeria. How would you respond if that becomes the new standard for knowing who is who in the Nigerian entertainment ill-dustry.

    ItsModella: Even some Americans and Europeans celebrate their weddings in their favorite destination spots.
    GhostofSparta: You’re totally wrong about that. Infact you’re so wrong it makes delusional people feel so right. American and Europeans actually don’t do what you have falsely claimed for them, what their couples and celebs do is to have their wedding done in their homelands and spend their honey-moon in exotic places like the Caribbeans, Bahamas, Dubai, Paris, etc

    ItsModella: I still maintain that the writer is just plain selfish and dimwitted.
    GhostofSparta: And I still maintain that you are as unthinking as the writer’s keyboard.

  56. Pls Amina, u’ve spoken well, but dats not d best way to scold a child wen he or she offends u. Yes he seems to do d wrong thing at d right time to each and everyone of us as d case may be, but don’t forget dat he is not d only one involve in dis. Is wit d consent of his wife Annie, cos without reaching out agreement, it will not be done there. Don’t forget d fact dat He is not d first and He won’t be d last no matter d sermons.

  57. Anybody that supported 2face is a mad man, why? Bcos the last time he did show in 9ja, why him no carry am go Dubai? Stupid fans that supported negative things, and where he carry his weddin go, they dont hear his lang, they neva buy his Cds, talkless of coming to his show, is like we Nigerians that supported all ur songs, we are stupid? tell me why u betrayed 9ja fans? Anyway u don sabi the country now, ur shows, Cds wil be taking to Dubai

  58. Anybody that supported 2face is a mad man, why? Bcos the last time he did show in 9ja, why him no carry am go Dubai? Stupid fans that supported negative things, and where he carry his weddin go, they dont hear his lang, they neva buy his Cds, talkless of coming to his show, is like we Nigerians that supported all ur songs, we are stupid? tell me why u betrayed 9ja fans? Anyway u don sabi the country now, ur shows, Cds wil be taking to Dubai

  59. Tuface is a Nigerian artiste fine bt we should also bear it in mind dt as a person he’s got his personal lyf to live. am talking abt his fantacies, so weda d wedding was in Dubai or in d sky I dnt av a problm wif dt besides, we av heard of more expnsive wddings.

  60. i realy don’t have much to say, but as a matter of fact, he has his life to live and right to descision making, trully Nigeria made him, but he alone knows the reason for these, untill i hear from him, i have nothing to say. what if he gives his reason for this, and is genue, will you still criticize him. my question is this and for us all, IF WE ARE IN HIS SHOES, WHAT WILL BE YOUR ADVICE FOR HIM?

  61. Doz of u on his side are just as stupid as he is mtchewww… By d way he has always bin d nagerian most famous illitrate nd dat is wot he is!! D idiot is not a gud citizen jst like most nigerian celebrities nd dats jst d reason why naija nogo ever develop like oda countriz cos una idiots wey try get small money go run go abroad like zombie nd dats why doz oyibo pple dey come naija come abuse una go!!!! Even shit for una head idiots” e pain me pass……

  62. Who is going to uphold the honor and glory of our country (Nigeria) If we all run go abroad?
    America didn’t just become great,her citizens appreciate their country. Let us learn to cherish our own land, we have no other place to call home.
    We should let all our so called Celebrities know that Nigeria made them what the are and our society has given much to them, in what way are they going to back to the society.
    Is it by rushing abroad to display where they are recognized and being treated with levity ?
    We must change our mentality and value our God given land. We need to digest this pls.
    Celebrating abroad does not add value to us !!!!

  63. Amina, re u sure dat guy (2 face) has nt slept wit u b4??? Abeg, allow dat guy b…. Dre’z ntin wrong in wat he did afta al, he had his traditional’z here…. If i may ask, did u (Amina) attend d traditional weddin in Akwa Ibom state dat was held here in Nigeria??? Y re u t8kin dis issue personal??? Rememba nobody holy pass n if nobody tlk abt u, u re nobdy… I rest ma case!!!

  64. What has personal life gat to do with show biz in 2face’s life, 1) naija is un safe 2) if u had d money to marry anywhere tell me if its a problem dat naija is not an option. This is no discussion its win win for tuface and amina probably dey vex say tuface don marry abeg go find ya own Aboki.

  65. frustrated souls,u sha wan go there to do like say tuface na your big brother,n also tie gele wia gold say Annie na your big sis.Mtchew.
    hw many of u dey even buy his CDs sef,no be pirated ones wey dem dey sell 100/150 u dey buy?while na Bluetooth transfer majority of una dey do.
    tell me,hw u wan make dem control d crowd if na Naija he do am.
    cos me sef go wan show face if na Lagos .
    abeg stop thinking backwardly.

  66. is not too gud for 2face to disappoint his fans, cos everybody here in nigeria want to witnes da weding but 2face go to dubai wher no arab over their have never buy his cd’s, men if u ar wish nd u regret ur mistake u better say sorry nd apologise to all nigerians

  67. Amina, u ar very right,2face & dos who ar defending him 4 dis act dnt seem 2 understand d pride of one’s fatherland,d value no whitemen can play with.its a fundamental issue & i wl encourage 2face 2 apologiz,pple talk due 2d luv dey av 4 him.

  68. Nigerians r quick to tel that sm 1 is bein judged and al that by way that’s his lif,money bla bla,bt com to think of it when he ws nothing did any arab man cal to promote or b hs security or anytin to add value to d mad man…tel me how many celebratd white men or ladis com to do weddin here fools…dats his tim any way it wl finish i guess!

  69. na wa o, i dnt knw y ple will hold der load n carry anoda man’s own on der head… U guys shld wise up, wot if 2face had had his wedding in NIJA n smting terrible hapund, i bet u, ple will only say na wetin gd 4am b dt, jst cos of his past, bt d guy decided 2 kip is head down n zip up, human being wil stil nt let him b, pls guys n ladies ‘WISE UP’

  70. This is leaners’ case. Simply put, this gal has been luking 4 a narrow opportunity to seduce 2bb bt now, her hope is lost. Pls, Amina, keep the make-ups bucket well. All hope is not lost. 2bb will soon come back. Remember, he has a provision 4 the second, third and fourth wife. The next could be you ”Amina”. So, make amendment, tell God not 2 punish 2bb any longer.

    4 Amina’s supporters, 1 shot. Is doing weding in ones own country entails patrotism? Bull shit! 2 face has fulfiled a basic proponent made by Martin Luther King ” think of what you can do 4 your country…” which he has done and is still doing.

    Amina, are you patrotic by bombing the name of a supper star?

    You happy supporters of Amina, you are suffering from stoic philosophy. Worst still, you are conspiring against whom have used his sweet music 2 taken away your sorrows 4rm time 2 time. Beta wise up d fool in you.

  71. There are always reasons for every wise action and only tuface and tuface alone knows his reasons for such an action. Be that as it may, I feel he choosed a place where there is no blood on d dance floor.

  72. hahahahahahahahahahahaahhhahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahaha. 2face has fans both home and abroad. his trad wuz here, nd d white wuz abroad so what?! 2baba happy married life ojare. hahahahahhahahahahaaha

  73. Amina Umar 4 life! You have just said what I posted and tweeted. I, all of us, luv dis guy’s music, but lately I’ve come to see that he’s got something behind him against us. He’s got Nigerian followers on twitter & fb.
    Let us watch his reaction/repentance to this.

  74. Don’t over blame Amina maybe there are something hidden. who knows if she is nursing 2face baby. Weeeeell, at d same tiiiime’ don’t over blame 2baba maybe he try to avoid his enstrange wives b.cos dey fit brake his head right there on d alter pls, no smoke without fire. U kno sey d guy is a sharp shotter nd sharp scorer. Abeg my hands no deyooo, trap no dey catch breeze.

  75. plz leave Amina alone she did nothong wrong every one is entitled to their opinion,ever heard of “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”it is one of our fundamental RIGHTS as human. Seeing some of your cooments anger me and makes me resent all of u because its persons like you that sold us out for a mere loaf of bread and a bottle of pure water because you believe that the next person land is more fertile and beautiful than ours .There are so may beautiful places in Nigeria its breath taking .We should learn to appreciate and accept the gifts of God gracefully.

  76. na wa ooo, why are u ppl beefing the guy na, is he d only celebrity who got married outside nigeria? its his wedding not a public concert, he doesnt owe anybody an apology,just because he did his wedding in dubai doesnt mean he isnt reping naija,ppl who r beefing him should go and jump inside a lagoon, if u are given the opportunity to do ur own wedding abroad make u reject am u hear? enemies of progress!!!,many of u will jump at d opportunity to wed outside the country,u might as well tell him to take permission from u b4 he breathes,eat,sleep or even take a dump. you ppl should pls go and get a beta job and as for amina; go back to school cos ur english wan make me bite my tongue.he has worked hard to be successful and it is by the grace of god and not by any human effort, if his song wasnt good and u didnt enjoy them u wont buy his cd or go to his concerts,so dont turn urselves to God by claiming u made him who he is,he put in d hours and d grit to get where he is and dat is by giving u hits after hits that is worth d money u use to buy d cd: dats assuming u bought d original cds and not the pirated copies.ONE LOVE!!!.

  77. Abeg make una leave my 2bab alone,no b him b d 1st person wey wed 4 outside 9ja,but 2baba.I b think say u 4 Do dis ur weddin 4 9ja den d honeymoon 4 outside 9ja…..d question wey I wan ask now b say(where u 4 do ur honeymoon,I hope say no b 4 9ja cos pple go too laff u ooooo hahahahahahahaha)

  78. wat amina say is true bt am nt a big fans of ur’s,since wen i have been watching all celebrity movie in other country,dey dont do there wedding elsewhere dey do it in their own country,bt dey can do there honeymoon elsewhere but nigerian celebrity too bad 4 u

  79. My dear Amina, havin his weddin outsid Nigeria is d best for security reasons. d guy has already steppd on enof ladies toes, who knows if u are one of dem. even d security agents in Nigeria are scared of d next minute n u expect 2baba to hav his weddin in Nigeria riskin his life n dat of d poor Nigerians dat would attend it. insecurity agents are always lookin for d largest croud remember! and such killers might be hired by any of those ladies. try to know d reason behind any action b4 u critisize.

  80. Wat sort of apology,he has d right to decide were to ve his wedding,so Haters let d couples be…Congrats nd am happy 4 them. Wit love,I wish u nd ur lovely wife long life nd prosperity…Enjoy nd 4get wat pple say or fink bout U…afterall is ur life nd nt theirs.

  81. Well! To those that say leave 2face alone, there is something u must know that when u belittle ur own thing by going to someone’s else thing u are showing inferiority complex by ever thinking the oyibo are far better than us. Then u are a fool and then u are the first fool becos the same oyibo say that civilization started in Africa. Yet I don’t know why the Africans chooses to be so stupid. Tuface is a disgrace to the African heritage. It doesn’t matter his reasons for what he did. His great sorry I mean to say gran grand gran father will not to give him for if the great tuface wouldn’t have dishonor their memory at Dubai so pls stop arguing blindly.