4,818-year-old Man Listed By Indian Province On Voters’ Register


A voters’ list filled with errors has been released in Indian, reports say.

Indian authorities have reportedly prepared a voters’ list that included people not yet born and also a 4,818-year-old man.

39 people according to the list, were aged 0, while 177 people were listed as 200 years old on the Election Commission list of voters in the south-western state of Karnataka, The Times of India reported on Thursday.

The list for the May polls also included 13,000 voters who have more than one wife, with the age difference between parent and child less than 13 years in 10,000 cases.

The list also cited one house as having 452 voters and another 347.

“My name featured thrice on the list,’’ Prithvi Reddy of Smart Vote, a civil society initiative to bring awareness about voting, was quoted as saying a national daily, but added, “It’s been corrected.’’

India is world’s largest democracy, and it is not unusual for Voters’ lists in the country to be full of errors. This had in the past led to many eligible voters being omitted from the rolls and not allowed to vote, causing fights and other altercations at polling booths.


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