6 Ways Fashion Might Be Dangerous To Your Health


Have you heard the phrase, “Beauty is pain.” Our beauty and fashion decisions can actually be bad for our health? Here are six fashion hazards that can be harmful to your health.

Teeny undies are hot, but bacteria may have an easier time traveling from the rectum to the vagina when you’re wearing a thong. Also: You may be at an increased UTI risk. No need to swear off that thong tha thong thong thong forever, but let your lady garden breathe by mixing it up with some boy shorts.

Tight Jeans
Squeezing into your high school jeans? Think again. You could end up compressing the nerve that runs down the front of your thigh, causing tingling and numbness to occur. Solution: Exhale, own your size, and love it!

We’re all for muffin top eradication, if you are so inclined. But if you wear your shapewear too tightly, there’s a chance you could end up with acid reflux, breathing problems, and the same type of nerve issues related to tight jeans. So, just make sure your schmancy shapewear has the proper fit.

Tight Bras
A too-snug boob-booster can lead to back pain, skin irritation, and breathing problems. Fixing this is easy: Hit up your local lingerie department and measure those girls too make sure you’re not squeezing your bust too tightly.

High Heels
We wouldn’t dare tell you to swear off heels, but if you strut in those 5-inchers too often, you could wind up with bunions or plantar fasciitis—a thick band of connective tissue in your foot that is majorly painful. Unless you want your feet to look like your grandma’s, vary up the size of the heel and type of shoe you’re wearing, mixing in sneaks and kicks with arch support. (Good thing platforms are still en vogue!)

Flip flops
Hello, calluses. This is what happens when there’s too much friction between your foot and your flip flop. Fortunately, a good, exfoliating pedi will help get rid of that deadened skin. The bigger problem here, though, is arch support, and the lack thereof, which can again lead to plantar fasciitis. Ditch the flat as a board style and opt for versions with some contour in the foot bed.