7 Men Executed In Public By Saudi Arabia

saudi executes

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday March 13, beheaded seven men after being charged with looting, theft and armed robbery.

The men were arrested in 2006 jewelry-stealing ring. One man, Nasser al-Qahtani, told the Associated Press attested to inhumane treatment following his arrest. He claimed that he was tortured for a confession, not appointed a lawyer, and only appeared before a judge three times during the lengthy trial. He also claimed that his torture marks were ignored in court.

According to reports, he was 15 years old at the time of his arrest. Qahtani and the other six men were originally sentenced to death by firing squad and crucifixion in 2009.

Human rights activist group Human Rights Watch appealed to the country’s King Abdullah on March 4 to not execute the men, stating that there was “strong evidence” of an unfair trial.

The kingdom however, follows strict Islamic laws which state that people convicted of murder, raped or armed robbery can be executed. Saudi Arabia has already executed 23 people this year.

These seven men were killed by three men with swords in the southern city Abha; the region is notoriously targeted with discrimination.

Saudi media reports that the government is considering doing away with public beheadings and seeking firing squads as an alternative. Lethal injections have also been reported as an option.

Eric Goldstein, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch, demands a ceasing of child executions altogether.

“It is high time for the Saudis to stop executing child offenders and start observing their obligations under international human rights law,” he said.


  1. That is what is called justice. If that is done to all openders on this earth we will have been in peace nt in peaces. Hence up Islam and down we the enemies of Islam the religioun of peace and justice.

    • You should rather shut your dirty trap than spit rubbish here. You call that justice or callousness? Has that become the only option to tell the whole world that such offenders are not tolerated? The blood that runs in your veins is not of human, but wild animal.

      • And u should keep ur goddamn trap shut as well. What do u know abt the crime and the reasons behind the execution? U here people bn executed in US and other countries u consider as haven but u don’t tend to be silent but this one coming from Saudi due to ur hatred against Islam u promptly posted all sort of insults and rubbish. What is ur concern abt that? Nonsense!

        • Now I understand your drift. It’s pointless making issues with you over your seeming religious sentiments. “When you argue with a fool, people won’t make the difference.” I leave it to you.

  2. Hear what people or a country has subscribed to in the name of religion. God will surely pay you all for what you do to the poor. How could you kill even children who ought to be place in a juvenile homes may allah forgive you all Amiiin

  3. I like nigerians, they just don’t like to face their many problems. One of such is the fact that nigerian security operatives exterminate many innocent lives without trial, many languishing in prisons nationwide waiting to be executed.
    When christians commit grievous crimes, do you hear people worldwide condemning the whole christianity? No, because it a personal problem to the offender. But when muslims do, you just want to add to the hatred for Islam.

  4. Who ask those pagans to talk on the islamic issues insha ALLAH this wil be caried out in nigeria very soon.green white wil be burn and white islamic flag wil be raised all u who believe not wil shased out or pay jizya. The holy land is above u thinkings, shut off inpure mouths

    • hahaha..very funny, all Muslims will be wiped out before we all that to happen…you are a minority in the world.Nigeria will remain one and a free state, you can continue your cowardly attacks against innocent men,women and children,but know this, your days as a religion are numbered.Islam will be wiped out insha allah

      • I am amazed by Islam haters ignorance and disrespect for historical approach in a quest to uncover the real true religion that emanates from scriptures.
        Have you ever bothered to ask the cleric you believe of wha is the real religion of the Prophets, from Adam to the last that came before Muhammad ( SAW)?

        • Tell us, I will like to know from you, and also tell me Bible and coran the first one that came to the world also tell me Muhammad and Christ the first to come to the world, and tell me how Mohamed got his repentance.

    • My friend wake up from ur slumber this is not peace n if U are in support it will definitely happen to U or ur brother coz if U can’t make a single human hair talk more of creating human U don’t have right to take ones life coz I see this as ritual coz U are too small to fight for God one who can distroy the earth in a day n U think U can enforce it in Nigeria try it n die,may ur eyes be illuminate so U can see d light

  5. I am a christian, but I think with the level of corruption going on in this country, we need this kind of justice for our leaders, cause there seems to be no way of stopping them from killing this nation

  6. Islam is a religion of peace indeed, lets c dis in practise than in words. Thousands of islamic militant groups all ova d world re makin life difficult 2ru their acts of terrorism.
    Supposin this sort of justice was in saudi arabia in 606bc, prophet Mohammed would ve bin d 1st 2 b executed 4 raidin nd lootin Meccan traders’ caravans. God is gr8 no doubt, He is hwever nt as blood thirsty as many muslims portray Him

  7. Islam is a religion of peace indeed, lets c dis in practise than in words. Thousands of islamic militant groups all ova d world re makin life difficult 2ru their acts of terrorism.
    Supposin this sort of justice was in saudi arabia in 606bc, prophet Mohammed would ve bin d 1st 2 b executed 4 raidin nd lootin Meccan traders’ caravans. God is gr8 no doubt, He is hwever nt as blood thirsty as many muslims portray Him

  8. well we all know what is happening all over the world In terms of crimes and the only solution is to follow the strict teaching of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. who liberated the whole world from the mess it was into. As for his enemies u pigs can only die in ur shits n ignorance. Go all out and ask/learn from those blessed with knowledge. Also google the jungle justice by Nigerian police to tell u that Islam is the best

    • muhammed is a demented demon possessed man that had taught muslins hate and intorelance for others. Thats why you call othdrs pig. You are definitely the pig. This is twenty first century and if you cant resoect others, you have a problem. Being a mohammedan does not give you right over other people. Get that into your stupid skull.

  9. This is fabricated story. The pple involved in d picture do not have Saudi completion. Their mode of dressing do not correspond to Saudi pple. They look more like Indians. Therefore, stop fighting each other Pls.

    • Idiots pple wen U started it in zamfara Nigeria back den why didn’t U continue why did U n ur fellow brothers ran from the state if d judgment is good instead U always want to involve christians who don’t believe in ur ritual practices

  10. i know sme idoit will say rubbish abt dis post.stupid pple dey jus hate islam more dan satan sef.pls help me ooo.if u think dat punishment is a sin dat mean death by handing or firing squad wich d western judges give is a sin too.yeye pple.if we are to ask wich 1 s more painful sef is it beheadin,firing squad or hangin?u c.beheadin s better.hanging u struggle to death..uhmm,firing squad u suffer frm pain to death.wat a painful death.bt beheadin at 1ce d victim wont even fell d pain bcus hes already gone.nw tell me WHICH OF THE PUNISHMENT IS MORE EVIL?.STUPID PPLE.

  11. To me Islam is certainly a satanic religion there is no doubt for many lives have been lost in the name of so called religion, I hats Islam forever! The religion should be wiped away for Christ sack!

  12. Islam is not doing what the quoran specified,you don’t address peoples offence by putting them to death,but you first find out the reason behind it,why they have done such act rather than condeming them.that your excution is murder,you are all killers because the bible says that jesus has come to die for the forgiveness our sins

  13. U dirty rotten swines, who told u islam is a religion of peac?? A religion of no forgiveness, no love, no mercy, religion of force. Most of the guys giving comment in support of killing ppl brutally in public are all thieves, animals in human skin. May the good Lord wipe killers like u away frm d surface of d earth, useless bokos

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  15. I don’t know y pple keep arguing ……both religion preaches peace but none is yet to achieve peace….are Niger delta militants Muslims….are Isis xtians….is the genocide in Kenya bout Muslims or xtians …both religion has its drawback …let’s all shut d fuck up and stop blasphemy

  16. i think muslims can learn from christian the virtue of forgiveness. when a woman was brought before christ to be stonned to death christ asked her accusers to cast a stone if they were without sin. by saying this every one of them dissapeared be cos they had all sinned.all of us sin in one way or the other only that we are not caught.

  17. who is clean in this world pls tell me.since all of us have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. what Almighty God want from us is repention and foresakness of our sin not judgment, I think this is the main difference between xtian and Muslim. Jesus come to the world because of we are all sinners and became enemy of God since at the garden of eden and the sinful blood of Adam runs through our vein. Jesus died and used his blood as an atonement for our sin and the greatest part is that he teaches and give us illustrations on how we can be friend of God again. hmmm what is the gain of a human that you crucify for his sin and send to hell.since Jesus has died for our iniquities. why don’t you rebook him and show him the way to friendship with God and safe his life from eternal torment. hmmmm there is fullness of joy in heaven for a single sinner that repent and forsake his sin

  18. I have no business with what Saudi authorities r doing there but my comment is bordering on what adamu said. I think he is a bokoharam. But he should bear in mind that d entire arab world can’t achieve his beastly ambition. adamu eat sleep conquer repeats- Brok.