Alamieyeseigha’s Pardon: Reverse Decision within 7 Days or we will Mobilise 1 Million Nigerians – VGOCC

alamsThe Veteran Group for Operation Clean Crusade (VGOCC), a non-governmental organisation, has demanded urgent revocation of prerogative of mercy granted ex-governor of Bayelsa State, Chief D.S.P Alamieyeseigha, within seven days. The VGOCC threatened to go on peaceful demonstration with one million people, if the decision was not rescinded.

This was made known in a press statement signed by its national coordinator and secretary general, Adeniyi Alimi Sulaiman and Abioye Abass Onikoyi respectively. The group condemned the undue state pardon given to the former governor.

According to VGOCC, the actions of President Goodluck Jonathan “depicts that corrupt leaders should continue to corruptly enrich themselves as state pardon is awaiting them. The action just make the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) and the ICPC (Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission) as mere toothless dog, which cannot really fight corruption in Nigeria.

“VOGCC strictly demands for the urgent revocation of prerogative of mercy/state pardon given to Chief Alamieyeseigha within seven days, otherwise we will go on peaceful demonstration with one million people march in Abuja, Lagos and Oyo states.”


  1. Nigerians,nothing can be done to satisfy dem.Some pple av d courage to fight 4 human right,yet some r stil saying dat Alam shld b forgiven,if he is forgiven dem all criminals in prison shld b forgiven too.

  2. Why is it that we Nigerian up to this time cannot set our priorities right? So you can organise one million people to protest against a state pardon, while here are a group of faceless, satanic individuals murdering your fellow citizens everyday in the name of boko haram. I guess nigerians would rather appreciate if u stage this protest against the wanton killin and maiming of innocent lives.

  3. Hw den do we intend to fight corruptn in ds country,d bible says dt any1 dt steals shld b made to pay seven times wat was stolen.If peopl @ d top as comfortabl as dey r wit huge allowances kip embezzling public fun & receiving pardon whil d poor dt steals food to eat r roting in jail……it depicts nting bt d state of hopelsnes n injustice in ds country.
    Pensioneers & retirees r dying of hunger & sickness…….Goodluck Ebere is nting bt a disappointment……….so suprise about sm ppl’s comment.

  4. Tnk u Emma,let’s suport those dt r willing to fight corruptn in ds country……imagin d word “pardon”,was he hungry,or denied his his salary,abi he stole d money to pay children schl fee or hospital bill abi rentage?……God wud help us in ds country.