All Progressives Congress May Change Name As Controversy Deepens


Progressives Congress is considering a name change should the African People’s Congress beat it to the APC acronym.

Three political associations are laying claim to the acronym in their bid to be recognised as political parties by the Independent National Electoral Commission, but reports say one political party withdrew last week.

Sources say All Progressives Congress may add the alphabet “N” (which will stand for Nigeria) to its version of APC, to distinguish it from any other.

A prominent member of the association said adding ‘N’ to the acronym will solve the controversy.

“We may just add ‘N’ to our acronym if this matter drags on for too long. We find it diversionary.”

National Publicity Secretary of the Congress for Progressive Change, Rotimi Fashakin, however said the name change was speculative.

He said, “Whatever anyone tells you about our merger now is speculative and untrue. We have said it over and again that the acronym APC is our intellectual property, whatever the PDP and its agents in the system are doing to frustrate our registration will not succeed.”

Also speaking on the issue, National Publicity Secretary of the Action Congress of Nigeria, Mr. Lai Mohammed, said the All Progressive Congress would not change its name.

He said, “It is a big lie. We are not changing our name. We are sticking to our name.”


  1. the marger party should very becareful once u started fight with inec it will westle ur time to meet the target of 2015 is better to just add n and register and continue nominate ur candidate and compaign so that u can delivery us from PDP dont let PDP to wetle ur time is money

  2. i ting APC,re jokers,their marger is of power nt to buld a gud nig,look @ d way dey come abt everytin,wo re those bhind dis,we no dem so is nt new,buhari n tinubu n co,am sorry 4 my country,a regroup of mafian,from AD,ACN to APC,from ANPP,CPC to APC,if a child fail exam,he chance his name rather den chance his charater,nig b wise.

  3. @ Emma or wateva u call yourself am sure u are a fan of dis present corrupt system PdP ar running wat have been d gud thing so far done since Umaru Yardua died,GEJ is a failure n its ad been a very obvious n clear thing to all masses n they are using all means now to makesure APC start having issues cos they see dem as a very strong contender to get dem over thrown majority of Nigerians are tired of dis PdP administration, under GEJ on first of last year where u blind or deaf when u increased the fuel price saying it will help do many development in oda areas of the economy so far nothing ad been seen so far for a year,instead issue of security ad been the oda of the day more n more people ar dying,no solution instead he was still saying he will still remove the fuel subsidy totally if he does dat do u reason d amount we will start buying fuel,how it will affect oda areas of goods n services n how common masses will try to survive, again he granted a corrupt man cos dey came from the same place state pardon is dat wat ought to be the next issue we should b talking,
    he lacks vision,he doesnt know what he is doing,instead of working for masses dat elected him there he is instead strategising how to win the next election tru fraud we ar in democracy but just takes decisions as if we are under military rule,
    Nigerians wants change,n so lets give anoda party n another set of people dat chance pdp have used to fail nigerians n see all we want is a change so its not about dem changing names dats where u ought to reason that pdp is behind al dis shits,we Nigerians are tired n change is d best tin to happen to Nigeria soon n i pray we see those changes soon.

  4. Wat we just need in dis country is a change of political party..nigerians is seek nd tired of p.d.p,who feels dis country belongs to dem nd their family..lets giv A.P.C a chance to rule inorder for comparisons,den nigerians conscienc will b cleared..

  5. All progressive congress should please go ahead with their registration, not name change, other APCs is the plan of GEJ and PDP cabals, GEJ and PDP are failures, our president real name are GOATLUCK EGBERE (a monster) JONATAN (totally burnt), if he is not a monster and totally burnt he will not consider state pardon on ALAMS (a self confessed thief and run away criminal who jump bail), JONATAN thief! Thief!