Amnesty Call: Sultan Is Encouraging And Condoning Bloody Violence – Afenifere

sultan-of-sokotoThe leader of pan-Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere, Pa Reuben Fasonrati has described the Sultan of Sokoto – Alhaji  Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar’s call for amnesty for Boko Haram as “outrageous and highly unfortunate.”

It would be recalled that the Sultan made the call at a Jama’tu Nasril Islam (JNI) council meeting in Kaduna on Tuesday where he urged President Goodluck Jonathan to immediately grant amnesty to all members of the dreaded Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram, so as to encourage  them to lay down their arms.

But Pa Fasoranti, on Wednesday, in Akure said, “The Sultan’s call for Amnesty for Boko Haram is outrageous and highly unfortunate. It is an express approval of the caliphate for the mass killings, devastation and destructive activities of the dreaded sect over the years.

“I cannot imagine why a highly placed person in the calibre of Sultan be seeking amnesty for a sect whose activities had rendered many homeless and left thousands of children as orphans.

“The sultan’s call is obviously an indication that the caliphate is encouraging and condoning bloody violence. It is unheard of that the Sultan, who should speak up and denounce the evil sect, wanted them treated with kid gloves.

“Our position in Afenifere is that the Boko Haram members are evil. They should be identified and severely dealt with according to the laws of the land.”



  1. Fuck that maggot sultan. He and his subhuman relatives in hausa/fulani land don’t deserve to be together with humans. Since the presidency left them these beasts have desired to destroy Nigeria both covertly and overtly. Fuck Islam and that terrorist manual called koran. Fuck that murderer/rapist prophet mohammed. I hate you all..

  2. U hv speak my mind fasoronti u deserve to be a leader I wonder if boko haram wl grant amnesty, what about d lives of people they hv wasted? D destruction they made? Living some people homeless, and yet some one wl come out say boko haram should be grant amnesty, dose evil need to bring to book and face their crime according to d law of d land.

  3. Hey CJ pls mynd ur language nd the way u talk and don’t try insulting our religion again pls nobody is doing same to yours so don’t show us your arrogance here pls

    • @ Justice Bash- but that’s the truth. All terrorists are from Islam. Think of Alkaida, Hesbola, Shites, Sunnis, Alshabab, Boko Haram etc. Because of the so call religion of peace, there is non in Afganistan, Iran, Iraq, the middle east, India, Pakistan, Somalia, Nigeria, Mali and some parts of Asia. Very deadly and satanic religion. God deliver us from it’s scourge.

  4. what the sultan said judging from his position as the most senior and respected muslim officer in nigeria is outrageous and a clear confirmation that the muslims in northern nigeria are covertly in support of boko haram and violence in the country. what the niger delta militants did b4 they were granted amnesty can never be compared to the evils that boko haram has done. the militants stated their objectives clearly, one of which is being short changed even as they are the geese that lay the golden eggs for our country and they never bombed or killed people apart from destroying oil installatiions. what is the boko haram north producing for nigeria and why have they decided to shed so much blood? even the dumbest person should not think of amnesty for such evil doers, talkless of saying it out. why are the prominent muslims in northern nigeria allowing selfishness and greed to blindfold their sense of justice and moral conscience?

  5. D muslims r veri selfish n senseless ppl. Bcos they’v occupied d presidential seat of our country 4 d majority periods, they nw think itz dia birth ryt. Y must they choose 2 go violent simply bcos they r nt in d presidential Villa. They say they cannot b led by infidels ( wat d Q’uran calls “Arna”) bt itz quite un4tunate dat dis Arna will remain ur president untill he steps down n if care is nt takn U d Northern muslims may neva seat on dat seat agn. Wat kind of religion teaches violence 4 Christ’s sake. Nobodi is grantin ani idiot group ani amnesty. Wat is dia objective? Wat r dia grievances? Wat r they protesting against? Simpli bcos they r nt d 1s thr they wnt 2 destroy our beloved country. D Sultan shud go 2 hell wit his Boko Haram subjects. Itz obvious he’s in collaboration wit dem. Nonsense!!!

  6. @Cj am a christain but absolutly condemed ur concept, for Christ sake Jesus never revenge of his enemies likewise we Christlike r expected to do desam, so dont cause problem wit ur speech n allow God to fight for his children, pls my dear muslim brothers never mind d speech cos it was frm curiouse enomity n God bless NIGERIA FOR GOOD…….

  7. I applaud d sultan’s speech. Obviously he wanted d best for his people. But we all know that what he seeks for is an anomaly and can never be granted by a rational president which I think Goodluck Jonathan is. It is just so unfortunate that Nigeria has become a place where anyone can kill, steal, destroy and commit crime against humanity and still get away with it. So annoying!!!

  8. d Afenifere leader has spoken well….d sultan’s call 4 amnesty to d evil boko-haram sect is unthinkable judging d implications…. dat means while a man will get killed by an angry mob 4 stealing sweets on d streets, d boko-haram sects who have committed far worst abominable acts would be free jst lyk every other gud citizen of dis country..dat spells doom for d future of dis country bcos it den means dat if any group wants 2 b heard by d federal govt., they shld jst resort to violence by destroying lives and properties.. d sultan shld therefore hav a rethink bcos his speech is capable of misleading pple….now i know some of d pple whom we tink are leading us are actually not leaders bcos dey lack leadership skills…d sultan’s speech should therefore be condemned by every well-meaning Nigerians..

  9. Anti graft am sure you do not have an idea of the evil Islamic insurgency has caused many so re just saying rubbish by commenting on cj ‘s comment. people where killed and many displaced and you do not want to call a spade a spade how many of your relations were killed in borno, yobe and Kano. Well I have lost well over 20 close relatives I wish you same misfortune if you choose to gamble with issues like this. Christians from north or noth-east Nigeria have continually suffered this insurgencies and marginalization for decades now I wonder what god you serve. Shut up and pray in your closet


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