Amnesty for Boko Haram: I think it is worth exploring – Mallam Nasir El-Rufai

elrufaiMallam Nasir El-Rufai has joined those who are calling on the federal government to consider granting amnesty to members of the Boko Haram sect. This is even as a similar call by the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Mohammad Saad Abubakar (III) was followed by heavy criticism from various quarters.

The Former Minister of FCT made this known on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, where he also faulted President Goodluck Jonathan’s claim that the members of the fundamentalist sect are ghosts.

El-Rufai stated that the singular use of military force to tackle the insurgency cannot work, as it has never worked in any part of the world: “There is nowhere in the world where insurgencies have been defeated using force alone. You must have a carrot and stick approach and if amnesty is that carrot that will lead us to some peace in the country, I think it is worth exploring.”

According to him “it is very disingenuous for President Jonathan to say that Boko Haram members are ghosts because the federal government have made several statements on its relations and discussions with the sect… It is very disingenuous for security operatives to say that they don’t know Boko Haram members when over 1,000 members have been arrested and are in detention” he added.

Culled from Channels TV


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  1. Stupid Rufai you’re talking nonsense,because we know that you’re one of their sponsors ,if you want amnesty for those terrorist,please bring them physical to surrender their arms openly,amnesty will be extended to them,but if you delay any further they will come after you & kill you because nemesis will definitely catch up with you very soon,thief of lands in Abuja.

  2. Please 1st put yourself in the shoes of these Northern leaders, then you will understand that they are now very scared.Maybe the revolution in Nigeria will start from the North because the level of neglect by their leaders on the people is frightening. If you notice initially, they were all silent and kind of tacticitly supporting BH but when the Emir of Kano escaped narrowly from these BH ,all of them got scared. Let them stop the BH or start to do something sensible before FG can step in. You cant be condoing people who are using your religion to commit crime and kill innocent people and claim its a peaceful religion. Let the respected Emirs in the North plead in their own way to these killer gangs.

  3. Y must president give dem amnesty wen wil dont know wat dia asking for, rufai tak abt 1000 boko haram he didn’t tak of innocent pple dis bastard ave kill, FG shuld send more troop to north nd face dem i know dia days re numbered, rufai is saying nonsence.

  4. Y must president giv dem amnesty wen we dont know wat dey re asking for, rufai u tak abt 1000 of boko haram in custordy bt u didn’t tak of innocent pple dey ave kill, dis pple ave kill more than thousands of xtian, FG shuld face dem nd send more troop 2 north i know dey re days re numbered, nd for u el rufai evrybdy know dat u re a stupid man idiot.

  5. The most stupid and useless president in da history of da world is Gudluk Ebele Jonathan,da useless president that dosent know how to lead people,how to talk,how to control peace in his own country,Pls GEJ is not a president is just workin for western country and IMF,pls what project GEJ is doin now on the ground for the beneficiary of the ppl of *NG* especially the ppl from the south,they should ask them self not to be protectin him due to the ethnics group.dis is da most incompetent government.dey are just dia stilling our country money and been killing us hia to protect dem self on waht dey doin.pls dis question should be answers to the southernest.what Project GEJ is doin for U illiterate ppl?why can’t you travel to another country to learn a lesson on what dia leader are doin to them???

  6. Abdukadir, i pity u if u call d southerners illitrates. Dat means u’r confortabl wit d levl f litracy in d north! Ur elites hz drained our God-given potential for 38yrs, u didn’t c dat, u wnt GEJ 2 transform u within 4yrs. I’m nt saying he can’t do it, jst shun ur violence, w will bring transformation 2 ur door. Hw many beggers would u count in d south? Dat’s enof 2 tell u we r litrate. Tinx b4 u talk!

  7. El rufai boko haram w soon enter your home, mumu like animal. From the day you used JESUS Ask joke, i know that you’re not normal. To you all that request amnest for boko haram, no more rest in all your family in the name of God. As boko haram not allow me to collect my result in normal time to you all that request amnest for BH PEOPLE W CRY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  8. @chrı must be stupid with what you posted about islam and noble prophet Muhammed.And with different tactics u pple are designed against islam,islam will continue growing.if i may a ask u,was it not ur fellow stupid that was attempting to bomb a particular church in balyesa and he disguised as a muslim b4 he was caught,and am sure is same tactics ur are using in the north.because if boko haram are muslims will they extend their operation to killing muslims while praying.Almight Allah will unvein d evildoer.And lastily Jesus christ is coming to testify about truth religion(islam)u better accept islam today b4 that time.

  9. We need not to argue with them, honestly the only thing we sud do is that we sud continue withour own prayer some of this so called boko haram has been save to worship God. Let us pray more until nigeria is won for christ. These nation is for christ. Peace to all

  10. U guys dnt get it,4 north na who day accomodate boko haram? No b hausa piple? So allow them because the emir must cry again b4 day wil realize dat dis piple day accomodate ar the once killin dem, 2 weeks b4 the bomb blast dat killed 200piple in kano, the emir nd other top officials went to the bigest cathedral church in the north to plead wit Rev fada’s to persuade christain nt to liv the north bt after 2weeks of the visit there came a heavy bomb blast dat killed 200 piple, so dnt mind dem cos day knw their selves

  11. Am not surprise that Mallam Nasir is speaking in support of BH;when A man is in dire need of relevance he says anything,the Mallam,is caught in that web,so what do we expect?But like a NIGERIA which he professes he should be guided by Ideal objectivity not sentimental or personal Aggrandisement.

  12. Nigeria and religion,

    Its true what Tomas kalyl said about christians and I quote; that every christian is programmed to hate the man Muhammed & the the religion islam without reason. That if a Man like Hin can say so many beutiful thing about Jesus surely the Christians are suppose to say one good thing about this Noble prophet. How can a man live and No single thing can be said about his enemy? To bad for the ignorance that is going to lead so many to hell.
    What rufai just said I fink its true, I know all those commenting mostly are southerners.
    One thing we fail to realize is that when this bomb is thrown, it those not distinguish a christian from a muslim.
    Come to think of it, if really the so call boko haram are Muslims fighting against christianity I guess they would ve gone to the south were the christians are in mass but No, rather they are here killing their fellow Muslims. Those these make any sense?
    Let’s be fair to our selves, we both know all this issue of BH are Anti islamic agent who want to bring Islam and muslims down. But don’t forget Allah is all knowing and he never let the unjust go scot free.
    Dialogue and amnesty is a step forward since force never worked.
    Fellow Nigeria, we should stop following our heart desire for the betterment of all of us.
    We should stop this Religious sentiment because the God that brought us together knows the reason why so let’s be patient coz no matter how far u Run one day you will surely taste death and no one will account for your deed except you.
    The best among us in the sight of God is the one who is best in conduct and who never associated anything with Him.
    Jesus believed in One God. Mathew 12:29 so also Muhammed may the blessing of Allah be upon them both.
    Nigeria is my country and I will never stop praying for it until the day I die. One love