Anxiety in Ekiti State over Health Condition of Deputy Governor

Ekiti State Deputy Governor, Mrs Funmi Olayinka

Information emerging from Ekiti State government has revealed that there might be concerns over the health of the deputy governor of the state, Mrs Funmi Olayinka.

According to a statement by the Ekiti State Commissioner for Information and Civic Orientation, “Ekiti State government wishes to inform members of the public that the deputy governor of the state, Mrs Funmilayo Olayinka, has taken leave to attend to issues relating to her health.” The two-paragraph statement then added: “we urge all well-meaning citizens of the state to remember her in their prayers.”

However, a source in the government said that the deputy governor only applied for leave, saying she could do whatever she wanted with her leave.

Earlier, there had been anxiety over the health of the deputy governor among her supporters; it only became heightened on Monday following the government statement. “Her health has been a source of concern. But with the government statement, it means that there is more to it now because they had kept mute all this while over the matter,” a source close to government said.


  1. Make God heal her and make her strong in jesus name, long life is her portion. She will not die prematurely in jesus name.


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