APC Alleges Attempt to Assassinate its National Chairman

APC-national-headquartersThe “newly discovered” African People’s Congress (APC) has alleged that two gunmen came to its offices apparently wanting to assassinate its acting National Chairman, Sa’id Balogun, who was away at the time. This development is coming barely 24 hours after the party unveiled its national headquarters, manifesto, constitution and party logo.

A statement issued in Abuja by the party claimed that there was a plan inspired by those it called “desperate elements to attack and possibly eliminate key officers of the African People’s Congress (APC).”

According to the statement signed by Balogun, “at about 10.15 p.m. when an officer of the party, Honourable Dan Iloabanafo and some administrative staff members were getting ready to close the secretariat for the day, two men came round the backside of the office claiming they wanted to register as members of the party, a feature that has become commonplace in the secretariat, but Iloabanafo advised them to come back the next day or any other week day.

“The hoodlums insisted they preferred to be registered immediately, and while the party officer was trying to explain things to them, they pulled out guns and demanded the whereabouts of the acting chairman who had left the secretariat earlier… After moving from one office to the other and satisfying themselves that the acting chairman was not in the office, the gunmen left, muttering words that were barely audible but suggested that there were other highly placed persons complicit in the plot but preferred to be kept out of the plot.”

The party has however said that in spite of intimidation and harassment, the party would not be deterred from pursuing “its lofty goals and aspirations in the interest of the good people of Nigeria.”

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