APC Cannot Be Entrusted With The Fate Of Over 160 Million Nigerians – PDP

PIC 1 PDP BOT MEETIGThe war of words between the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressive Congress (APC) continued on Tuesday as the ruling party denied being responsible for the controversy surrounding the inability of the leaders of the APC to duly reserve or register the proposed name of their party, saying that “bleeping jamboree and propaganda is the hallmark of political naivety, painlessness and a foreboding that the Party will drive Nigeria to socio-political and economic brink should it be entrusted with power.”

In a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, PDP said the reality on the ground is that the leaders of the APC were grandstanding, “writing footnotes and glossary” even before the first chapter of their history was yet to be written.

“Nigerians are here confronted with an irony!  It is an irony of a political party who without adequate planning, without a  solid working rhythm,  yet wishes to be entrusted to its effete, shaky shoulders, the fate of over One Hundred and Sixty Million Nigerians.

“Fortunately, Nigerians are witnessing first hand, the thoughtlessness and carelessness of the self acclaimed political Messiahs, a fore warning that the nation, her people and our democracy are all in jeopardy should they be entrusted with power. How can a group who could not conclude the basic as in due registration of its name be able to manage the affairs of Nigeria at this moment of critical challenge?” the statement asked.

It criticised the APC and its component parties—the ACN, CPC, ANPP and others— as once again having “advertised their boastful and deceitful predilection.”



  1. there is stil abt 2yrs before the next election. if u are not afraid that APC might take over the country then let them register. we live in a democratic world, let us (the people) vote and judge for ourslvs.

  2. Is it the PDP that have been tested and failed to be entrusted with Nigerians pple‘s fate beyond 2015 again? Never again, no amount of political gimmick will stop the relisation of APC 4rm gaining power in the coming general election.

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  4. I’v always known dis Mettu guy to be a shameless old hag.Spreading falsehood to deceive unsuspecting masses.So he looks himself in d mirror & says PDP shud b proud of deir performance so far?Big FooooL!


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