‘APC Government Will Eradicate Boko Haram In A Month’

APCAction Congress of Nigeria (ACN) stalwart Ayo Akande has said the newly formed All Progressive Congress will put an end to the Boko Haram menace within a month of its ascension to power.

He said the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan set the stage for the escalation of terrorism by the shady group.

Akande, who  made this known in a statement on Wednesday in Lagos, believed in APC’s capability to dealing with myriad of problems bedeviling the country.

He also predicted the likelihood that the newly formed party will defeat the Peoples Democratic Party in 2015.

Akande said, “I am optimistic within one month of an APC government in Aso Rock, Boko Haram restiveness will disappear. This is because the grievances of injustice, corruption, insensitivity, hopelessness and unemployment adduced by the sect would have been resolved.”

On the assumption that most Nigerians deemed APC not strong enough to wrest power from the PDP, Akande boasted, “The success of the merger is 80 per cent. You don’t expect any arrangement especially politics to be absolute. The hope is high, Nigerian people are fed up with the Peoples Democratic Party government.”



  1. These loud mouth desperadoes will never stop at being comical. If they will stop boko haram within one month, then it is clear to all that they are the sponsors of boko haram. Most people have held this view even!

  2. Now we all know dat is u pple dat is sponsor boko haram in other 2 frustrate jonathan govt, God wil judge u all stupid pple.

  3. Now! we all know dat is u pple dat is sponsor boko haram in other 2 frustrate jonathan govt, God wil judge u all stupid pple.

  4. No matter d number of colors a chamelon change to it s still a chamelon. Don’t fooled Nigerians, these politicians have nothing to offer us.

  5. Its very obvious dat they are behind dis sects.I pity dis nation if dis cows wins in 2015.if they love us,they shld give d present administration lead on hw to solve d problem.aruolinks

  6. Whatever APC could do then, let them do now. People are dieing seriously & they choose to politic with their lives, that’s unfair, it shows how non patriotic they are. We want patriotic leaders not opportunists. Pray for nija. God bless nija.

  7. Buhari had ruled nigeria before n couldnt turn nigeria to dubai or eldorado,tinibu rule just lagos alone opc almost standstill social/economic activities n for 8yrs lagos remained a shanty town,now what magic or miracle can they do now?

  8. Dis pple wer in power b4,wat av dey done to stop injustics? So Nigerians should wait and continuing dying till dey come to power abi? So, if dey dont get d power dey will not stop boko haram manance? Dont u see hw selfish our suppose leaders are? What are ur commitment to ur father lands? Akande is very stupid and selfish for saying dat rubbish! Dey are telling us indirectly dey are the sponsorying dis manance! God on high will judge all of u for d lives of d innocents u av taken!

  9. truth is bitter! If u would say that let them help d present administration to tacktle these problems how many times northern elites have presented their solution to JEG and he ignore them? These problems can only be solved by presidency process! Is Buhari a president? How can he have power to tacktle it? Take a though pls be wise.

  10. Why play politics with peoples lives. People are innocently being murderd daily rather than assist now to eliminate the threat some people want to wait for the next 2 years when they dream to win b4 they act. By the way when all are killed, whom will they rule and if the country is ungovernable by 2015, will there be any elections. Can they guarantee that they will be alive then. Dont play God. Period.

  11. If u destroy the legacy your elders laboured to build, it is apparent that your legitimacy as a child is questionable and you can not be trusted. Why must you wait till 2015 before suggesting solutions to BH insurgency. Suppose you are also consumed by their nefarious activities, would you be alive to make amend? Suppose you lose the 2015 election, what would you turn Nigeria into. Remember that posteriry would judge every of our actions.

  12. Jona ealier said he knw who dis ppl re so wat is he waitin 4 or is it bcos its happenin in d north?y cnt he cal a meetin wit d northern learders on hw 2 solve d problem since d soldiers re makin tins wors.he shud freez o monito evry learder o politician acount transanctn in oda 2 find solutn. To u APC dis d ryt tym force PDP 2 do d ryt tin at d ryt tym by so doin we nigerian wl ve confidnt in u 2 rule nigeria bt 4 u 2 stand bak nd wait 4 015 den it shos u dnt knw wat u r doin.many ve died nd stil mor re dieyn who knw weda am nex o u mista 015.bak 2 nigerians dis govt cnt protect us so y cnt we (al nigerians) shud organise a peacfl demonstratn in oda 2 put an end 2 dis bloodshed.may d wrath of almighty God b on dos who knw dos dat r doing d kilin,sponsors of any kind of kilins,amen

  13. onu,& co , if oppotunity is bin givn 2 u pls b petrotic & help our ppl wo a languishing in d noth, Nig is our own . let us not politicise wt human life.

  14. U cant be outside and expected to resolve the issues inside. This position is in line with the Akande’s statement that they wil eliminate B/H within a month when they take over power in 2015 . U cant expect APC to put an end to B/H bcos they are not controlling the centre for now, they highly have limited powerz to exercise as far as B/H is concerned for now. By the way, what overtures have GEJ made to oppositions so as to necessitate them to help him.

  15. if apc wil present a non hausa person as its candidate den i wil vote 4 it. But al dis agitation of mergin parties is jst 2 make a hausa man bcome d president of nigeria by hook or crook which i no wil not work.

  16. Apc members are the sponsor of boko haram. Is not becausm of all wat dey list is de cause. De want to play politics wit people life. Is only a full that wil vote for apc.

  17. Haha…if u truely luv dis nation, u wount wait till 2015 b4 u do smfin….i also blieve dat ur party can stop dis insurgency even in less than 24hrs coz u guys r d brain behind it….just a call by Buhari 2 his boys (BH) will end d whole thing…long live 9ja…


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