BIZARRE: Sheep Gives Birth To Lamb With Human Features (Photo)


Residents were shocked after a sheep belonging to one of the residents bore a lamb with features that closely resembled those of a human being.

Speaking to the media, the sheep owner Rita Nabangala said she was equally shocked after the incident. Rita explained that this was the third time the sheep was giving birth but no such incident has ever been witnessed.
It is said that the sheep took a long time to deliver prompting villagers to come to its rescue only to deliver the unique creature contrary to everyone’s expectation.
She affiliated the occurrence to bestiality from evil people. It was noted that there had been increased cases of people sleeping with animals, an issue that the residents wanted the area chief to look into.
The lamb died after some time and was later buried.


  1. Thi is one of the signs of the coming of Christ,the Bible made it known to us that whenever we see such things,we should know that the time for “THE LORD’S SECOND COMING” is near…


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