Boko Haram Defy Jonathan With Seven Explosions Hours After His Visit


Barely five hours after President Goodluck Jonathan concluded his two-day visit to Borno and Yobe states in a bid to try to galvanize support for his battle against Islamist insurgents, seven loud explosions shook the city Friday evening.

The explosions which happened within minutes of each other suggesting the kind of co-ordinated attacks that have come to be the trademark of the Islamist sect, Boko Haram, before an intensive military campaign put a lid on their activities.

The blasts were reported at Bumdum,Customs area and Gamboru parts of the city but there was no immediate report of any casualty.

It would be recalled that at yesterday’s town hall meeting with Borno Elders Forum, President Goodluck Jonathan urged stated that he will order the soldiers of the JTF back to the barracks on the condition that the elders sign an undertaking that there will no more be any form of attacks in the north eastern town which has been the epicentre of Boko Haram activities.


  1. As Jonathan is calling on elders of Borno to sign an agreement for the withdrawal of soldiers I, on my part, am calling on Jonathan to forget about our votes. His visit was not with any good intention except to counter-challenge that of opposition governors. We will not vote him so he should look for votes elsewhere. Any move or action to organize rigging in our area Boko Haram will be a child at play. His soldiers and police cannot save his criminal action of rigging.

  2. This visit of mr president to borno and yobe state, what is it bringing to d table in respect of insecurity in those area he visited, if not to tell anybody who cares to listen that whatever APC can do they can equally do as well, where was he all dis while before APC visited d area, we should try to shy away frm politcising every sensitive things in this country. May peace rain in d area. By d time we do away wit sentiment and every body free from corruption, Nigeria would be a better place to live. Corruption is d only problem we have in Nigeria and our govt has not shown any political will to tackle it.

  3. Mehn..GEJ Iz jst wasting his time..Although i doubt if his tym iz preciouz 2 im..4get Boko haram nd dia casaulties..Concentrate on d pple wu luv peaceful living..D governors,elderz,watxoeva of doze northern states terorizd by boko haram shud curb dem alone wen dey r tird of dia barbaric actz..I fink dey al knw wat’z happnin!!!4get d Boko guyz..let dm liv by bombin dia own pple!

  4. Sign of the cross for my presido. Joe eby goodluck thank God you came back safely oooo don’t mind those uncastrated animals your details wouldn’t ve allowed you a visit to those ishmealites who are frustrated
    . Bigger bros GEJ you are a destiny child

  5. Boko diz boko dat. All of them are fools. The day one single bomb wud fall around the south south region thats the day you bloody muslims wud knw that we christians are also rugged. Fuck u idiots. Jonathan should even unleash the whole army on that area.

  6. our presido had make a right dicision by askin dose boko haram elders to sign for peace b/4.we nig let inveestigate b/4 we comment,GJ had a plan to visit d 2 state B/4 APC,APC just adjack d visit,ok y shld JTF b remove if their elders re nt boko Aram membas,GOd had expose dem tro shibu,there re al vamperya.

  7. What makes a leader different from a follower is not only the position the former occupies but also the supposed force that his utterances possess. It is the responsibility of the follower, on the other hand , to say ‘yes’ to any progressive order. Therefore, if I were a leader of primary school pupils and/but they didn’t listen to me, before shame envelopes me, I would resign. A failing leader may resign before he is said to be synonymous with failure. You are welcome Mr. President.

  8. Today a group of terrorist & cold blooded
    murderers announced 2 d world that they’ve
    killed all 7 of their hostages. The group which is
    referred 2 as ‘ansaru’ for short claims it’s goal is
    to protect muslims in black africa. I ask, how
    they intend 2 do dis by killing some innocent
    expatriate who left d comfort of their well devt
    land 2 execute a legitimate job in northern
    nigeria? How is Islam a religion of ‘Peace’, wen
    all acts of terrorism & violence all over d world is
    associated wit Islam? They go by all sorts of
    names ‘Alquaida’ Taliban’ Boko Haram’ Ansaru’
    etc… all these Islamic organisations have a clear
    objective, they’re oppose to growth &
    development, peace & progress, they are
    vampires and blood suckers. How can anybody
    convince a sane and reasonable person that
    Islam stands 4 peace wen it’s footprints &
    trademarks of violence & terror continue to stare
    us daily on d face? how can u say that Islam
    means well for me wen all it does is 2 seek 2
    terminate my life & those of my kind? Islam is no
    religion, It is a Cult, a cult that survives on
    human blood & only thrives wen non members
    suffer from its rain of terror. Alas! ‘He that kills
    by d sword shall surely die by d sword’.

  9. hmmmmm, i kept askin the same question over and over. Is Islam a religion of peace or Violence?? I guess Boko Haram and other Islamic sect answer it all. Our Lord Jesus Christ will fight for us and we will hold unto our peace.

  10. This country will be in trouble if any of the interested parties rig the election.Mind u,Boko haram is also an interested party.And now we also have the ND militants.The remedy will be for Inec to conduct a free and fair election so that if anyone loses,he will accept it in good faith or so we hope!