Boko Haram: Northerners Still Ready To Fight For Nigeria’s Unity, Says Jerry Gana

Jerry-GanaDespite the crisis in the Northern part of Nigeria occassioned by Boko Haram insurgency which has threatened the peaceful co-existence of the country, a former Minister of Information and Peoples DemocraticParty (PDP) chieftain, Professor Jerry Gana yesterday, said the region will not relent in fighting for Nigeria’s continued unity.

Prof. Gana expressed optimism that current acts of terrorism in parts of the North aimed at dividing the country will not succeed and stressed that doubts about the country’s unity were removed by the Civil War.

Gana, who was a Guest Speaker at the launch of The “Victors and the Vanquished of the Nigerian-Biafran Civil War” written by the first military governor of the former North Western State, Usman Farouk, declared: “The unity of Nigeria has been settled by the civil war. In the north, we are still ready to fight for the unity of this country. So, if anybody thinks he can break the country, the unity of the country is a settled issue.”

He said the war also led to the creation of more states and more universities in the country.

“Before independence, Nigeria’s population was about 60 million, but we are now about 160 million and there is strength and opportunities in high population,” he said in his speech read by a former Director General of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, Ahmed Dan Fulani.


  1. This is a right step in d war against d insurgents. Nigerians however want more than this, they want definite arrests & prosecutions. Let more Northern elites speak out for d unity of Nig.
    (As for d end of the civil war which signalled ‘Nigeria’s Unity’ is better understood by the Ibos!)
    And we hope we don’t wake up 2 another Emir’s call for amnesty! It’ll amount to speaking from both sides of the cheek.

  2. Northeners & their wayo. U ppo want us to b one but u re killing our ppo (southeners). Let d big 4 nothing African most populous nation split so dat peace can reign. Which can yeye unity wit suicide bombers. We re nt one at alllllllllll.

    • @ mr truth, even if d cuntry shuld split which we dnt pray 4, ho ar u sure dat d seperaties wil stil hav peace? Although there is killings up and down, but wd stil need each other 2 survive. Dis is d truth i know.


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