Boko Haram: You Cannot Declare Amnesty For Ghosts – Jonathan


On a day that the Yobe state capital, Damaturu came to a standstill following President Goodluck Jonathan’s visit to the north eastern state ravaged by Boko Haram insurgency, the president hinted at a possible amnesty deal for the Islamic extremist sect in the future but on the condition that they make their identities known.

“You cannot declare amnesty for ghosts,” Jonathan told an audience of politicians and dignitaries in the Yobe state capital Damaturu, broadcast live on national television.

Jonathan who drew comparison between the 2009 amnesty deal for militants in the oil-producing Niger Delta region, where he is from and the calls by some prominent northerners that the same treatment be extended to Boko Haram, Jonathan explained:

“In the Niger Delta, if you call them, they come and they will tell you their grievances. “But Boko Haram, I don’t see anybody who says they are Boko Haram.”

While in Yobe State, the president is expected to commission projects at a 200-capacity bed hospital, Yobe state University, 300-units Housing Estate and an 18 km dual carriage ring road.


  • Whoever is considering Amnesty to BH should really reexamine his intension.Are they really genuine or born out of fear of the unknown.Lets act and rule without sentiments.

  • well when an organ hyperthrophite will subside or causes distruction of that orga which resulted in affecting its owner.whatever has a bggining must have an jonathan kelvin and ur allied dont borther ur self Allah will be in contrl.

  • Ammand,it is true that allah is in control because the boko haram is fighting her battle.I can assure you that allah will soon be frustrated when Jesus,the King of kings shall step into the battlefield with His superious soldiers

  • @lebete it seem u are confused, blinded with hate that u are abusing God. Wait for ur reply from him, the almighty is ever patient and wise. It seem you are among those he refer in d holy quoran that ” they do not see neither do they hear?” U shall truly return to him, by then ur eyes, eye, hands, legs will only speak, ur bloody mouth will be missing, by then u shall know d extent of ur ignorance. May d wrath of Allah be upon u forever!!!! !

    • @Ahmed…I dn’t c a reason y u shud ask d wrath of Allah 2b on sum1..Liv it 4 Allah 2 decide! Evry1 has d right 2 his/her opinion aftall.

  • @lebete if u don’t anything to contribute is better u keep ur mouth “muted” rather than using it to destroy ur own life

  • Brodas, ar we here 2 fight 4 God or 2 shear adia dat will move dis our grate country 4word, d scripture says d battle is mine says d lord. All we nid in dis country is peace an prayer dis mornin is dat God in his infinit mercy shewer his peace of mind on all nigerian dis mornin in Jesus name Amen.

  • @Andy, lebete was wrong to speak of God in dat manner, whether muslim or christian we all believe in one God. @Glint, thank u for d advise, u’re a true Nigerian!!

  • @Lebete some people do not always know when they invite wrath and eternal agony to themselves. Mouth is the greatest part of our body one needs to control, because the detriment of a man starts from his unguarded speech. May Almighty Allah cure you and your deeply ignorance, because a mad man and worst animal are better than you. Jesus is an obedient servant of Allah. Is there anything islam preaches that is in contrary to the life of Jesus? Muslims practise the life of Jesus than any others who claimed to be the followers of Jesus.

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