Boy Who Faked His Own Kidnap Released From Juvenile Home

Noel Sam Abraham
Noel Sam Abraham

Noel Sam Abraham, who staged his own kidnap due to fear of low marks in his exams was on Wednesday released from a juvenile home after a week-long detention.

“We are happy that he’s back home,” his father Abraham Samuel told Gulf News.

The father also said that ‘the matter was over’ and that there wouldn’t be any court proceedings.

He said that boy was in good health and spirit and would appear for his examinations. “He has an opportunity to appear for the school exams for the tenth grade and school management has agreed to accommodate him,” he said.

“We will consider his case and allow him to appear for the rest of the exams,” Dr Subhash Nair, Officiating Principal of Indian School Darseit, told Gulf News.

He added that they were mechanisms in place to allow the boy to appear for the exams he missed.

Noel went missing on March 8 from the car park of LuLu Hypermarket in Wadi Kabir. The initial fears were that he was kidnapped as it came close on the heels of a failed snatch attempt on a girl from the Indian School, Muscat.

The teenager was found 26 hours later and taken to hospital by police. During police investigations, Noel confessed that he had staged the kidnap drama to due to fear of low marks in his exams.

Soon after he was found, family and friends revealed there were marks on his body that made the kidnap story stronger. But they turned out to be only minor abrasions and insect bites.

The case became a hot topic on social media, with bloggers spreading rumours along with pictures of the boy. [GN]