Church Stops Performing Traditional Weddings Until Gay Marriage is Legalized


A N. Carolina church made a bold statement in support of gay marriage by vowing to halt traditional weddings if gay marriage isn’t legalized by the Supreme Court.

The Green Street United Methodist Church released a statement on Monday asking pastors to stop performing weddings for heterosexuals until same sex weddings cane be performed in the church.

“At Green Street Church, we claim the committed same-sex relationships as no less sacred in their ministry to us and the community,” the statement reads.


The last time a pastor took such a controversial stand, his church was shuttered after 3/4 of the congregation left.

A simple stroke of a pen by President Obama would give civil unions the same rights and privileges afforded to traditional marriages without re-writing the Bible. What ever happened to separation of church and state?

From Green Street Church

As an Anti-Racist, Reconciling Congregation, Green Street United Methodist Church seeks to be in faithful ministry with all people in the brokenness of our world. This statement is being adopted as a sign of our commitment to love and justice for all people.

The Marriage Covenant between two people is a ministry of the church. Couples making a commitment to one another need a supportive community of faith to sustain and uphold them so as to grow in faith and love. Weddings are the occasion for covenant making, a time to seek God’s blessing on their commitment to one another. When a couple chooses to be married in the church, they should also be conscious that they are making a declaration of their relationship as a new ministry for the congregation and the world. At Green Street Church, we claim the committed same-sex relationships as no less sacred in their ministry to us and the community.

But sadly, at this time in the United Methodist Church, marriages, weddings and holy unions are limited to heterosexual couples. As our nation struggles to provide legal recognition to people in same-sex relationships and provide them the privileges allotted to opposite-sex married couples, our denomination struggles to overcome the sin of reserving these sacramental privileges for straight people only. We, the leaders of Green Street Church, see people in same-sex relationships as completely worthy of the Sacrament of Marriage. We reject any notion that they are second class citizens in the Kingdom of God.


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  • stupidity and ignorance can never stopped…wounders shall never end, am woundering why must of this pastors are lyk dis, they always did what is not commanded to them. And atlast they told u their religion is true…thankgod am not one of this people and am happy to be a muslim…

  • GOD purnish dis pastor mouth in a thousand fold!!!!……..whic kind talk be dis, abi him don smoke???….com he better revoke his nonsence..lest i swear it will nver be gud 4 him.
    Wher is it stated dat a man wud get married 2 a man, or a woman 2 a woman….is dis nt d same r’son GOD destroyed sodom & gomorah.
    Infact, GOD purnish u again@the pastor and his useless methodist church…*angry*

  • Oh my God,when has the Church in US so degenerated to this point..?So they don`t even understand what Romans 1:21-32

  • this is d sign of d end time.satan seeks for more population into his kingdom everyday ,now heis taking over u. Do u think u r doing d best…..Watch out…….Repent!!!! b4 it is toooooooo late no to bring d wtath of GOD on urself!!,,…..

  • I bet the founding founders of the Methodist church would be turning over in their graves. Its really signs of the end times where the devil now controls some churchs.Lord have mercy, at times like this I’m grateful I’m in Nigera where people still have fear of God.

  • Its only in Christianity we ve been hearing same sex marriage, devils church, holy kiss, etc now the question is christianity a true religion and do the pastors follow bible? If all those illegal activities re supported in the bible, it simply means the quran is better off because it doesn’t support those devilish act. Believe it or not Islam is the only religion that preach God’s word

  • Am very happy as good muslim, If you have al-mighty allah you can go for gay, Islam is very pure religion, 4 exemp if you are not muslim you can see that Iman jot you togeother takless gay marriage, may Allah have mecy for those u obey commanment of God.

  • gays are not second class citizens in the kingdom of GOD, rather they are aliens&have no portion in CHRIST’s inheritance…my advice is they should go for rehabilitation, may the GUD LORD correct every anomaly in their system>>>AMEN!!!

  • I think dis devil incarnate despirately in need of members dat will acompany him to hell. If sodom & gomorah will not judge America and satanic agent called obama lot’s wife will definately judge them. Pls let it be stated clearly that green street metodist is church of satan not church of Christ

  • ds is not a matter of being a christian or a muslim. D Holy Bible is obviously and fully not in support of all dese abnormallies. These pastors are just the ”black sheeps” among the flocks. They are the cursed.

    • It shows that the pastor of this methodist church as fallen out of faith.he needs to be prayed for before the wrought of God fall on him.he is not a true christian he is an instrument in the hand of devil.may God have mercy on USA.


  • I don’t know why muslims are saying this,same sex marriage is forbidden both in bible&quran,so dis is not matter of condemning one another,d main problem we’re having is endtime prophecy must come to pass&United state seems to be d starting point.Wash&Pray!

  • 2 Thessalonians 2 vs 3 talks of de end time and how de falling away must come first b4 de anti christ is revealed. This is d falling away de Bible is talkin abt. Am not surprised. Lets be on our guard! Jesus Christ return is really @ hand. Pls prepare ur own way ! Leave pastors 2 God. Its quite unfortunate. Jesus is coming 4 a church without spot or wrinkle.

  • Who even said they are second class citizens of heaven.That’s a lie they are first class citizens of hell.Surly the evil city shall be destroyed just like sodom and gomohra

  • May God have mercy! These are really end time signs that we are seeing, and remember God said a jot in His words won’t go without fulfilling it purpose. So believe in Christ and ye shall be saved. Bible the true message book of God.

  • I want the christians to know that it is not a matter of some churches being a devilish church but the reality is that christianity as a whole which is not the religion of Isa(AS) is base on falsehood, hatred for the prophethood of Muhammad(SAW), and the like. If you ask this evil pastors about their claim, they will give enough evidence from the bible. As far as iam concerned, this religion remain the devilish and terrorizing religion with United Snakes of America as the headquarter. Quote me anywhere. Lastly, i swear by He in whose hand my life lies Islam is the only religion with Allah. No Islam no heaven.

  • this is the true picture of xristianity it support all forms of social vices, attrocities, with it doctored principles, all are the same . I thank Allah i am a muslim.

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