Corruption Is Destroying Nigeria And Nothing Is Done About It – Sanusi

sanusi1Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has identified corruption as the bane of the development in the country.

Speaking at the 5th Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Colloquium which held at the MUSON Centre, Lagos with the theme, “A national movement for change. A new generation speaks,” Sanusi said: “Corruption is a big issue in the country today as in other parts of the world but why are they eradicating poverty and Nigeria isn’t? It is not just corruption. It is the failed interventions that are procured with the proceeds of corruption.

He lamented the practice where money is paid for service not rendered saying, “Everyone agrees that corruption is bad. It has economic cost if you take a bribe and pay subsidy to someone who hasn’t delivered the required goods.

“In Nigeria, people collect money for contract and they wouldn’t fulfill their own parts of contract and nothing is done about it. This is compounding the state of corruption in the country. What is destroying this country is that people are corrupt and nothing is done about it.

“We need to be asking the civil societies what they are doing to ensure that this act is checked for the development of the country.”

In a veiled reference to Governor Babatunde Fashola who has restored some sort of sanity in the nation’s commercial nerve centre, Sanusi noted, “Some parts of Lagos are getting cleaner because of the sewage process in Lagos State. These are some of the questions that we should begin to ask our public office holders today. How can someone be governor for four years and he or she fail to provide the needed facilities for his people?” he queried.


  1. Once again, we hear and read about the same ‘right’ speech given by someone in power decrying corruption in Nigeria.

    Yet, I wonder if we were to check Mr Sanusi’s financial and personal records whether we wouldn’t find evidence of this same corruption (financial, nepotism, tribal, religious) in these records.

    We keep hearing about symposia and seminars that tell us all about what we already know. We even hear about as many symposia and seminars that talk about ‘how to solve these acknowledged problems’ yet, very little is ever seen coming to fruition.

    I would like to think that Mr Sanusi has addressed corruption starting from his own house, I.e the Central Bank which is a big responsibility.

    If the books are opened, I would like to think that his record is clean.

    If his record is clean, and he knows about those who’s records are not, then he also has the responsibility to speak out not just against faceless corruption but to expose the people and their practices to name and shame them, so that they can be held to account. His remit as chief financial regulator is an ideal platform to see such high level corruption. I presume this is why he is talking about it in the first place.

    However, the “Nigeria is corrupt” speech is about 30 years out of date. Leaders and their speech writers need to start writing “This is what I have done to address and reduce corruption in my capacity, and i implemented these steps towards progress, please join me in this fight against corruption” speeches.

  2. Sanusi is gullible just like most of his colleagues,what happened to the printing of polymer notes,cbn’s refusal to be appropriated by the nass etc.

  3. In Nigeria, it is the hard way the only way. Being prosperous for Nigeria is a mirage. i have ample facts that in many countries, when those in authority failed to influence in making fair judgement, they resign. In Nigeria I have never seen any one resigning because of the ill decay of our system. They are all making clueless noise. Do you mean, we, the masses, at the bottom, should come to Abuja and rectify things for you? No! You at the top, have to talk to you Ogas at the top, to settle and correct all these mess. All of you, even your overall Oga at the top, suppose to resign because of this decay. But I am sure you will not. You will continue to swallow and squander everything. I pity your end.

  4. mr sanusi,we had dis b4,we re tired abt corruptn talk,it is gud all of u condemin currptn bt wo re brain b/hinde,i no dis an opportunity for ur campagn come 2015.take is easy,u n tunibu,u talk abt unproductive govnor,wat abt tinubu,compared his tenue n fashola,if fashola is perform dan tinubu dat means tinubu is

  5. Let stop about triberlism but address the issue the we should. Why you people talk to Sanusi showing you are not ready to say the truth. The most problem facing the country is corruption. Goodluck is also corrupt and you respect the country not to be corrupt is not ready to fight corruption you people especially those from delta state you don’t want express the effect and anybody who say so you are to use abuse on that person but you should know we are tire of this is not what to be called president on the country. What can solve this is revolution.


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