Dare To Bare: Nicki Minaj Takes Off Clothes In New Music Video

Nicki Minaj&French M
Nicki Minaj&French M

Singer Nicki Minaj has dared to bare her top in what is being touted as her ‘most explicit’ music video so far. She also writhes around on a chair in the video, for which she has just gold stars covering her modesty.

The new French Montana dancehall music video titled ‘Freaks’ which hit the Net on Thursday (March 7), centers around a vibrant house party pumped with gyrating dancers, curvaceous models and a fire-breathing dare devil. The track directly lifts the Lil’ Vicious chorus and uses it as its own, while the backing beat is derived from the same beat Chaka Demus and Pliers used on their 1990’s dancehall classic “Murder She Wrote.”, and Nicki was there wiggling to the sounds.

French said of the latest single off of his upcoming solo debut Excuse My French. “I feel like people missed it, I haven’t seen something like this in a while.”

“I just feel like that was the perfect song for her. We could’ve did a strip club song. We just wanted to do something that was big. We both from New York, so I feel like this made sense,” Montana told MTV News back in February from the song’s video set.

The skimpy outfit is Minaj’s most risque look ever — despite previously filming numerous other raunchy music videos. She has never openly flaunted so much flesh, hinting that reports of her wanting to move away from her candy rap image towards a more serious lyricist, are true. Aren’t lyricists more open to baring it all? [IANS]


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