Dog Travels 50 Miles From Home After Hopping On A Passenger Train


A Jack Russell dog walked away from his home. He walked for 1.6 miles until he reached a train station. 

He got to the train station at rush hour and he hopped on a train on its way to London.

CCTV cameras show the dog going into the train, walking up and down the aisle. Passengers were shocked to see the six-year-old dog named Frankie on the busy train going from Gravesend to London. Later the dog sat down in a window seat.

King Cross train manager Richard Cheeseman saw the dog on the train, he knew that he needs to find the worried owner. Luckily the dog had a collar with its owner‘s phone number, so they called the owner. When the dog’s owner Jane Abbott, 47, was told that her dog was found she was overjoyed.

“We have been searching our neighborhood for hours,” said Abbott. She was shocked to learn that Frankie was found 50 miles away from her home and she was in London. “What we don’t understand is why Frankie chose to hop on the train. He’s never been on a train before,” Abbott said.

Mrs. Abbott and her 22-year-old daughter Stephanie spent about $95 for train tickets to pick up their beloved dog. Southeastern rail did not charge them the $20 fee for Frankie’s trip home.

In a statement Southeastern rail said: “We’re pleased that we were able to help reunite Frankie with its owner.”