Don’t Marry A Man Without Money – Nollywood Actress’ Advice To Single Ladies

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It is the moment of truth and believe it or not, what we are about to ask is a very important question – can you marry a man who is incapable of shouldering your financial needs?

That is the question, paraphrased, and asked by Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola who recently got married to her love – Kayode Salako – in highly controversial circumstances.

The busty actress was reported to have asked ‘if you marry any man who cannot take care of your financial burden, then what is the essence of marrying that person?’ Really, how about Love?

Foluke, mother of two, whose credibility credentials is highly questionable, gave this warning, according to her, to the ladies out there who are yet to pick their spouse. “Don’t marry a man that cannot take care of your financial needs” she added for effects.

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  1. You are a bad and dangerous adviser.Hwcmuch money does your husband has before you married him?Hw much moneycdoes he have now.Lets assume he has enough money before and after ur marriage,hw much time does he give you as a family?

  2. YOU are very shallow in your reasoning. What in this life remains constant? A rich man who can pay all your bills today CAN become poor tomorrow and vice versa. Nothing in life remains constant, rather CHANGE IS CONSTANT. The best advise is to marry a man with potentials cause no one starts out rich. A person man or woman with potentials will eventually become rich in life with time. Shallow people like you exist in man and woman and oh! do they miss their destiny!

  3. Shut ur dirty mouth,you actresses shud be a̶̲̅ good role model in goodmannered nd faithfulness.ur advice is shallow wit unfounded thought of ur own stupidity.ur show now adays does not portrail social values nd what do u xpect-Pls ladies,dont listen to her foolish advise but learn to pray for right one,u may av helped a man future to brighten

  4. Well. Money is gud but hav it in mind dat money is not everytn. If ur husband have d money and provides ur needs but do nt love u my dear u r in a mess. So ladies b careful.

  5. Thats how some people from humble background reason. Its good to be rich but its ok if the man can pay his bills and work for a better 2moro. If all ladies are waiting for the Dangotes some may wait forever.

  6. Guys please don‘t maind her, you know prostitutes are outside there for money, she is one of them that‘s why you see her talking like that. Useless set of people.

  7. She is after material things. Instesd of her to advise ladies to join hands together with their husband to build a happy and a peaceful home. My sisters just pray for a good and caring husband.

  8. Money is not everything.Some of these ladies neva av d mind of the future.They only tink of 2day,especially these lady celebs.Some of them considering their marriage & social lyf they don’t worth celebratin.A BAD ADVICE .

  9. I don’t a fool like u to have advised the young ladies out there.U snatched another woman’s husband and yet u could brag about u getting married.U are an illustration of shame and immorality.If u don’t know what to advise the young ones whose minds are open to all form of idea from u the nollywood actors and actresses thereby misleading majority of the innocent young ones,it is better to go back to that ur shameless husband who will soon leave u to marry his third wife.

  10. I don’t know how a fool like u to have advised the young ladies out there.U snatched another woman’s husband and yet u could brag about u getting married.U are an illustration of shame and immorality.If u don’t know what to advise the young ones whose minds are opened to all form of ideas from u the nollywood actors and actresses thereby misleading majority of the innocent young ones,it is better to go back to that ur shameless husband who will soon leave u to marry his third wife.

  11. Well she missed an aspect, even d poor guys sef are unavailable nah.. Shey u want ur girls 2 die trying…. Girls! ‘Marry now or die trying’ shekenan.

  12. Then why is she not married to Bill Gates or Carlos Slim or Adenuga. You advise people to marry a man that has money and your husband is not the wealthiest man.

  13. U so senceless 4 u 2 advise young gals in dat maners,shame on u,wel if d weaken hearted gals shuld go wit ur advise dat means dey r going 2 wait 4 enternity.

  14. Ladies dnt really have 2 depend on guys ur own way tru.once u r succesful it dosent matter..still marriage without money z bound 2 clash..if truth be told.u musnt be dangote 2 be rich.once he can pay his bill n live moderate I believe he’s ok!money is really not d major ingredient in marriage buh s necssary,

  15. Well u guys av said it all,she is just on her way to destruction no doubt abt it, @ Arinze mind ur world leave Ofenmanu alone its all abt individual opinion xo talk to her n nt to general pls.

  16. I think she has the worst PR or she doesn’t have PR at all. How can you(Foluke) let such careless statement slip from your mouth. Even if you’re marrying cos of money you shouldn’t hint us. It would make your husband look like a ‘maga’. Nmm.

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  18. you guys shld not just rush into castigatin ha,, to sum xtent she is rite,, a woman need 2be takin care of it is natural in der vain,, why bringin a lady in2 ur roof if you dnt have the finance power 2 hold the family,,, luv alone can not hold a marriage,,, you need financial power 2 maintain it, wisdom and knowledge to no how to manage ur family… we are all aware dat no condition is permanenate,, you dnt relay on that statement doin nth and xpect mana 2fal 4rm heaven,, our youth naw adays are jst caried away by the fantacy dey see in movies e.g ( a guy is in luv wit a gal and sudenly he owns a big house and a flashy car wit out doin anytin and dey keep on deceivin the viewas hw romantic to be inluv a lady doin nth) my advice is workhard 4get about gals, but if you are into one naw dont alow ur emotion to take most part of ur tinkin in the relationship,, make real moni and then tink of finding a prety lady dat is of gud behaviour and background to settle down wit, if not you might start seein life in another perspectiv.

  19. toni pls tel dem…av said it n ama sae it again..dnt js judge ha cus if u see ha tomoro, al u wud sae is…omg am a huge fan of u..n none of u wud like ur sis to mari a poor guy, free ha abeg

  20. What if a man dat can pay ur bills before can’t pay again. Then you start looking for men to pay ur bill evenm if they are married. Trying to unseat a woman that has struggled with their husband. If you agree with this idea as a guy u will always come across ladies that would just be lookin for guys to pay their bills and as a lady the highest bidder would be ok. Pls change ur values.

  21. Na wah foluke disappointed alot of her viewers by uttering such statemnt. She even miss’d out d foundation of relatnshp. I felt she acts, is she nt rich enough 2 pay certain % of her bills, if no then she shud 4get her profession nd let d hubby know she is full time house wife. Or why is she acting if she can’t pay certain part of her bill. would she had given such advice 2 her female chldrn nd told her male childrn “if u don’t have money no lady wil marry” i thnk overall of her advice is ungodly, unreliable, undependabl, freeble,un motherly, from shalow minded personalty,, worth of been jettisoned.

  22. I belive dat love is d major ingredients in any marriage but money or financial power is also a service tool in marriage. Foluke cld be rit if u look at d issue realistically

  23. Pls laddies dont even give a thought of wat she say,if u nd ur husbband make welt is it bad money can’t buy luv, say a man need to take care of his wife but not to say becose he is poor do knw wat God hv keep 4 him.Dere is 1 man in my state he is 1 of de riches man here de firth woman dat was wit him her mother addviced her lieve de simply becose he was poor but now he is rich go 4 were ur mind ask u to.

  24. obviously like your website but you have to check the spelling on quite a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very bothersome to tell the truth nevertheless I will surely come back again.


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