Easter Bombing: Explosions Reported In Kano

IEDsReports from Kano say an explosion has occurred around Unguwa Uku along the Zaria Road highway.

Information Nigeria is unable to immediately confirm the incidents, residents of the area said the Joint Task Force, JTF, has already arrived the area and cordoned off the explosion scene thereby blocking the ever busy highway.

In the same vein, another explosion is also reported around the restive Eastern Bye pass area.

While we hope there are no casualties, we are still monitoring the situation and will bring you a more detailed report later. cannot be ascertained now because of the restriction of access to the area.

Efforts to reach the spokesperson of the JTF, Lazarus Eli, were unsuccessful as at the time of this reporthis lines were continuously busy.



  • Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. The Resurrection Power of Jesus will arrest them. All their plans will turn against them. Boko-Haram group, I cause you in Jesus’ name.

  • I’ve being waiting to hear something like this since friday. To the enemies of Nigeria’s amalgamation; enemies of Nigeria’s integration, Enemies of Nigeria’ progress. I say more grease to your elbow.

  • Ds country is no mre save…i blame dos islamic scholar who r teachn d wrong tn…hausas r animals n ignorant..i dnt blame dm…B.H doesnt nid annesty…F.G wake up n deal wit dos animals..

  • all over the world , it is the muslims that start troubles agains christians , but at the end they loose , it is always muslims atacking christians while christians ,make the peace to theie deafeats

  • My joy in all these issues is that, there’re still some muslims who knows the truth. . . Like IBRAHIM MUSA. This boko haram is posed to run down christianity and our govt isn’t doing any thing about it. Pls Uncle Joe should go and seek councell from OBJ, he know how to handle this kind of situation. . . It’s enough

  • Jonanthan u ar tryng bt best is nt gud enof, imagine d killng of pple of Nig, n u alwys proms dat u del wt dem 4 how log

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