Fans Ridicule Mercy Johnson Over Nigeria Passport For Daughter

imagesNobody can really tell why Mercy Johnson has suddenly become a subject of ridicule whenever she tries to be a true born of the soil

Recently, the sultry actress, Mercy, who has been in the United State of America for more than four months now was at the Nigerian Embassy, Washington DC to pick a passport for her daughter in preparation for their homecoming.

Having received warm treatment there, Mrs. Okojie went on her timeline to display her anxiety and how she was well treated obtaining the passport but it’s a different ball game entirely with some of her fans who started lampooning her.

The actress, who went to the embassy in company of her close friend, also posted a picture of herself and her friend in front of the high commission’s office with these message, “Obama has nothing on me peeps, am proud to be a Nigerian, just left the Nigerian Embassy in Washington DC. My God they were all so welcoming. Am most honored.”

Shortly after she posted this, critics started ridiculing her; read what they posted:

*You are so proud, yet you run go yankee go born American citizen! na so you dey deceive yourself!

*Yes because you are a Nigerian celebrity…..regular Naija person, don’t get special treatment, Naija embassy home and abroad have no customer service, rude, nasty, and unorganized

*Mercy J is my girl any time, but I get a fault with her for her saying that she is proud being Nigeria. If so, why didn’t she give birth to her baby in Nigeria?.Make una think about this and if I may ask, how many Americans traveled to Nigeria just to give birth? No long thing my brodas.

*You are so proud to be a Nigerian but you went to USA to give birth?

*WOW Lady, you don’t know how to keep it real.

If she’s so proud of Nigeria why didn’t she have her baby there, liar! Me I’m not proud of the country so I had my baby in the UK. Mercy just be honest

*Vking well said…she is proud to be Naija and went to America to give birth…visit naija embassy in Rome, Italy you will think twice to issue such statement of being proud of our embassies abroad. Am a proud Nigerian though


  1. I wonder what’s wrong with Nigerians ; this young woman is an entertainer not a government official , what’s bad simply becouse she decided to go to where there are correct doctors not quacks ? where hospital equipment work perfectly & no constant power failure ?
    Mercy keep going u’re best Actress in the whole of Nollywood industry & when ever u concieve again go to anywhere u believe have what it takes for ur safe delivery & let the mumu’s keep on with their sadistic mind ..

  2. I dont xpect dis from u guys…looking around,u dnt av anyone 2 insult than mercy Johnson…u guys shuld av d fear of God..what wrong has she done u people?….just look @ d way she was attended to over there…if i am not dere i believe nd trust her morals…’CRITICS WILL NEVER CEASE IN THE LAND’,now considerin nigeria’s presnt medical state….wat would u av done if u were in her shoes?…lets say she did it in nigeria and dies…u same fools condemin her nw wil b d one ‘SHEDDING HYPOCRITIC TEARS AND SAYIN SHEBI SHE GET THE MONEY,WHY SHE NO FLY ABROAD?’after everytin u say’RIP MERCY JOHNSON WE LOVE U’…nonesense….’Am proud to be a nigerian but am nt restricted to go anywhr’…mtcheeewwww,u piss me off guys…mercy follow ur heart as far as its good nd suits u nd ur God…

  3. Jobless idiots who don’t appreciate what a young hard working lady would have gone through to get to the top where she is at the moment. When MTN and all other network don make all u techno phone user have access to internet why won’t you bring the frustration wey u suppose go pour on ur politicians to the this self made lady. Go on enjoying your life joor mercy and ignore the poverty stricken from dis ignoramus.

  4. Information nigeria.
    Let‘s carry out a survey to be sure your post about mercy were truely naija coments.

    Why no body talks againgst her here?

    Is our leaders no longer proud of naija wen theM carry all their family go de abroad?



    Were dey not proud of our facilities? Or why did‘t de stay bak and DIE HERE?

    Mind ur buznes bizi body

  5. There is no jealousy here. It is pure Public Relations blunder. The reactions ought to have been expected. Nigerians see things from a different angle so you need to rehearse yourself well before launching out. No one needs to go abroad to deliver a baby in Nigeria. Our private medical facilities are more than capable of handling childbirth if you are not sure of the public ones. Many of our people are wanna be. We were forced through slavery to America but now we wilfully submit to it through squandering of our hardearned resources or menial jobs in search of greener pastures in foreign lands.

  6. Shame on naija we believed in others more than ourselves….wen nelson mandela sick he was hospitalized in his home country! tell me one naija V.I.P. Or celebrity who sick n recover in naija without abroad? Mercy J u’re not proud of ur soil even Annie marculey is in U.S. too. Don’t confuse us.

  7. I dont kw y u pple re blaming dis young hard workin woman, instead of u pple to hit ur blame on d so called politicians..mercy j, u nor get wahala if u like go and give birth in d sky e nor concern anybody. if i were i wl give dem my middle finger.. Fuck u all

  8. Anybody that travelled overseas to deliver baby cannot and will not say he/she is proud of this country. Such person is telling us/believes that there is no future in this country. It is time we start snobbing/rejecting such anti-Nigeria behaviour.

  9. Mercy johnson, don’t care about what those hungry haters are saying. Just let them know you are not the government so fuck haters. Always remember tonto dihka fans never like you. So just fuck all your haters. Haters gonna hate.

  10. She is only opportune to give birth to her child abroad does not mean she hate her country. If you see her as a star please respect her private life and stop vomiting anything from your mouth. You people are suppose to wish her well.

  11. For everybody saying that she is stupid put urself in her shoes then think of what u will do ,some of u lack common sense sorry to say i am proud of my country but yet dont mean i live there .just saying peeps .she dont want her kids to go through wat she went through dont blame her one beat .

  12. Nigeria embassy in washington is the worst place to visit, you fill application on line and when you get there, you spend another 8nhours for picture snap, mercy people who love their countries deliver there, so your next pregnacy deliver in the country you so loved, set example so deliver in nigeria so that others can stay there.